YHB Investment Advisors Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Community Service Project – Hartford Courant

West Hartford – Employees of YHB Investment Advisors, West Hartford, will lend a hand at Westmoor Park to celebrate their company’s 30th anniversary this month.

The company supports both individuals and large companies in their investments.

Linda Morel, Vice President of YHB, said their work is not just about money and numbers, but the people behind them.

“It’s a service thing, really,” Morel said. “We work closely with our clients and get to know them personally so that we can help them with all aspects of their financial life. But it goes further.”

“We work with each client in a unique way,” said Mark Everette, CEO of YHB. “We don’t grade them or put them in a pool. Every person that walks in is a blank sheet of paper when it comes to having plans with them.”

But it’s also important, they said, to value charitable work. That’s nothing new for the company this year.

Their founder, Paul Martel, owns a health clinic in Ecuador that has treated more than 25,000 people. They also run a charitable endowment that allows their clients to create endowments without the high costs associated with starting their own. At present, 35 clients have $12 million in endowments operated at YHB.

Everette said it certainly rubbed off on the business as a whole. They allow employees to choose where some money is donated in the community.

“A lot of people here are charity oriented,” Everette said. “We’ve contributed tens of thousands of dollars that have gone to a hundred different employee-nominated charities.”

For its 30th anniversary, YHB decided to give back to the community as a team, rather than hosting an anniversary gala.

“Why not divert that money to some kind of local charity and do something fun together?” said Everette.

YHB will donate $5,000 to the Plant a Row for the Hungry program in Westmoor Park which provides fresh food donations to House of Bread in Hartford and senior centers in West Hartford. Last year over 2,000 books of product were donated.

Employees will then visit Westmoor Park on September 26, the day before the annual Feast on the Farm dinner which they will also be sponsoring. They will help the park staff organize the event, which they say will save the staff a lot of time.

“I guess they always had to do everything themselves and they’re here until midnight,” Everette said. “We’ll be asking everyone in the office to take a shift for the installation.”

Their partnership continues in the spring, when employees will return to Westmoor Park to help plant in the Plant a Row garden. They may even come back later to help harvest the produce.

Everette and Morel consider practical experience to be valuable to the strength of YHB.

“We all do it together and you’re side by side doing manual labor,” Everette said. “The goal this year was to do something where everyone could work together outside of the office. It’s something we can do that’s fun and useful.

“An emphasis on charity runs through our business and it feels natural,” Morel said. “There have always been service projects, several a year, whether it’s something here in the building or in the local community.”

Jill E. Washington