Work on the roof of the community center will be expensive – Ste. Genevieve Herald

By Mark Evans

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Replacement of the roof of the original 2000 section of Ste. The Genevieve County Community Center will not be an easy project.

It won’t be cheap either.

Four of the six contractors who recently met with county commissioners to examine the roof have submitted bids. All were over $600,000.

Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson noted at last Thursday’s commission meeting that the commission has been working on the issue for more than a year. In early 2021, strong winds ripped off part of the roof.

The design of the roof – unique at best – makes repairing or replacing the roof a tricky proposition.

“It’s such an unorthodox roof,” Nelson said.

The roof will have to be redone. Nelson emphasized that he wanted it done right, “so he doesn’t start leaking in the next few years.”

“We want to do it right, so it’s good for the next 30 years,” said First District Commissioner Karen Stuppy.

The roof, designed to mimic the hipped roof styles of French Colonial homes that made Ste. Geneviève famous, had problems for years.



With oil prices hitting $3.80 a gallon, about 45 cents a gallon higher than last year, doing a lot of paving work will be expensive.

“The cost of fuel oil is definitely going to take a bite out of what we’re doing this year,” Nelson said. “But you have to live with it. We need to be as efficient as possible. »

Later in the meeting, when Chris Meyer, a landowner on Coffman Road, called to ask why it still hadn’t been paved, Nelson brought up the cost.

Nelson told him that the route “is on our list for this year”, but that oil price increases “have completely blown” their plans.

Things have been turned upside down in 2021, after a devastating winter in 2020-2021 resulted in more winter road damage than usual. Some $375,000 had to be spent on repair work that could otherwise have been used to pave new roads.

Nelson said the first priority will be Charter Church Road, where tree removal and other necessary works have finally been taken care of. Coffman Road will be priority #2.

Schmieder said he hoped to start on Charter Church Road this week.

Meanwhile, Roads and Bridges Foreman Scott Schmieder reported on quotes he had received to repair the boom mower. Even with a 40% discount, the two parts to be replaced would total $5,646.

Second District Commissioner Randy Ruzicka asked if the six-year-old mower was worth fixing. Nelson noted it wouldn’t add much in a trade for a newer one – if accepted at all.

Nelson wondered how much more it would cost to really “strengthen him”.

They agreed to speak to Pete Harnish, owner of Ste. Genevieve Tool and Welding, about possibly working there. The commissioners and Schmieder agreed that Harnisch’s work on the Franklin Bridge was outstanding.

A discussion also took place on Boyd Road. The owners of Charleville Brewery and Winery had complained that their facility was inaccessible after heavy rain damaged the road.

It would take a major overhaul to really fix the problem. Nelson said he spoke to an engineer about raising the road about five feet.

If it were raised that high, with rip rap added to one side to control erosion and six inches of compacted base laid over the existing pavement, that should solve the problem.

However, the estimated price would be in the range of $3.4 million, which is out of the question.

Jill E. Washington