Will the Glenbrook Community Center become a limited income apartment complex?

STAMFORD — The city’s council of representatives is set to discuss a proposal to redevelop the former community center in Glenbrook into a low-income apartment complex on Tuesday.

Last month the council’s legislative and rules committee voted 4-3 against selling the property which would pave the way for 51 affordable homes there.

Crescent Housing Partners LLC, a joint venture of JHM Financial Group LLC and Viking Construction Inc., offered to develop the apartments, valued at $5.3 million, and provide a cash payment of $700,000 to the city. His plans include preserving the building’s exterior and providing a “community space” – although there was some confusion at the law and rules meeting as to the size of this space and exactly how it would be used.

In the days leading up to the reunion, news spread about a pair of black horse locations for the former community center, which closed several years ago and was previously the site of a school.

Despite some public interest in the proposals, Mayor Caroline Simmons said none were “viable”.

She then submitted an opinion piece to the Stamford Advocate on the matter.

“I am committed to taking urgent action to ensure that Glenbrook and every neighborhood in Stamford have the community services and space they need, but this must be in addition to this housing for the much needed workforce. , not replace it,” Simmons wrote.

Jill E. Washington