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WELLSVILLE — Wellsville Village Council Fiscal Officer Hoi Wah Yu said at Tuesday’s meeting that the Wellsville Community Foundation, the Village of Wellsville and the schools completed a survey that was sent to Columbiana Cunty officials in regarding the Appalachian grant, suggesting a community center with a staging area that could be affiliated with Kent State or the Department of Employment and Family Services to be built in Wellsville. The centre, if approved, would offer various services for different ages of residents.

Yu noted that this is just a survey and the county also receives other ideas. She also said they wouldn’t be able to apply for the actual grant until next year and she hoped the village would get funds for improvements.

Also in his report, Yu told the board that as of the date of the meeting there was $864,000 in the general fund and introduced legislation to change the fund due to lower appropriations and expenditures than had been planned.

Yu said she hopes the village will bring in about $2.3 million in 2023.

Council voted in favor of the appropriations amendment bill.

In his report to council, Mayor Robert Boley asked council to write an ordinance outlining the responsibilities and hiring of a part-time building/housing inspector for the village.

“In order for us to move forward, I fought these houses that are on fire and the only way to stop a lot of things is to get an inspector inside the building,” said Boley. “We have other buildings on Third Street and Fourth Street that are ready to fall. I would like us to see how to find a building inspector. I think we’ve waited long enough. »

Currently in Wellsville, the fire chief is the inspector, but he can only look outside a building.

The mayor also noted that he wanted to recognize Someplace Else, a restaurant that plans to give meals on Thanksgiving Day. More than 20 turkeys were given to them.

The land bank agreed after the court approved the 50% cost of dismantling a building on Third Street that was found to be a harmful building.

Bill Taft, chairman of finance, reported that Scout Solar was in the village on Nov. 3 to review the four possible sites for the village’s solar panels.

Other council news included a motion to send for tender the Village Ordinance Codification to ensure they are all up to date, a discussion of whether to sell or lease the reservoir and a request to Broadway residents not to blow leaves from their gardens. in the center of the road.

The Wellsville Village Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Administration Building at 1200 Main Street. The next meeting is scheduled for December 6.

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Jill E. Washington