Veltex Medical, Inc. and Light House Community Investment Agency, Inc. Announce Definitive Agreement to Form Strategic Joint Venture in West Virginia

CHICAGO, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Veltex Corporation– Symbol OTC Markets (VLXC) Veltex Corporation (“Veltex”) is pleased and proud to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Veltex Medical, Inc., a Delaware corporation, has entered into a joint venture agreement with Lighthouse Community Investment Agency, Inc. d/b/a Serenity Pointe (“Serenity Pointe”). The deal combines Veltex’s business acumen with Serenity Pointe’s existing rehabilitation center located at 201 Prichard Street, Williamson, West Virginia.

“Veltex is excited to have entered into this agreement with point of serenity. We have great respect for what Serenity Pointe professionals do for their community and look forward to entering the market with them and adding an advisory partnership to help them with their current operations,” said the President and CEO of Veltex. Andreas Mauritzson. “This joint venture alone brings Veltex Medical’s inpatient capacity to over 200 beds in West Virginia and will be immediately accretive to Veltex Medical, Inc.”

Director of Serenity Pointe, Belinda Harnesssaid “The opportunity to partner with Veltex Medical makes perfect sense. Our philosophies are aligned in that we deeply value and promise our commitment to excellence in patient rehabilitation care. This partnership will enable us to expand the services we provide and help more patients recover from addiction by enabling them to regain their functions and regain the independence needed to resume their lives.”

Under the agreement, Veltex Medical will work in an advisory capacity to improve the existing facility and its offerings at Serenity Pointe. Veltex Medical will assist, in accordance with Serenity Pointe regulatory requirements, with inpatient, acute and intermediate care currently at Serenity Pointe, among others. Additionally, Veltex Medical and point of serenity have agreed to the implementation of effective business strategies wherein Veltex Medical will provide financial advice, sound recommendations and long and short term financial assistance to assist in the elimination of any encumbering Serenity Pointe debt, if any, freeing thus Serenity Pointe to manage its long-term care guidelines. In addition, the parties will maintain a mutually beneficial agreement regarding patient placement and patient sharing between the two entities’ rehabilitation facilities located at Mount Hope, West Virginia and Williamson, West Virginia respectively.

Veltex is very optimistic about this joint venture and foresees many other potential partnerships with existing rehab facilities across the West Virginia State. Veltex is in a collaboration agreement with the West Virginia State and anticipates additional transactions similar to the Serenity Pointe agreement in the near future.

About Veltex Corporation

Veltex Corporation, incorporated in Utah September 17, 1987is a registered public holding company, headquartered in Chicago, Ill.. The company’s common stock trades on OTC markets under the symbol VLXC. Veltex Medical, Inc. is a wholly owned company Delaware subsidiary of Veltex Corporation, with operations in Mt. Hope, West Virginia complex, which offers chemical dependency rehabilitation services. Veltex Properties, Inc., also 100% owned Delaware subsidiary of Veltex Corporation, is the legal holder of the property and real estate complex of Mount HopeWest Virginia.

About Serenity Pointe

Serenity Pointe is a rehabilitation center located in Williamson, West Virginia with an 82-bed long-term care bed capacity, it has been providing chemical addiction rehabilitation services to patients since April 2018. The Serenity Pointe facility is owned by the Mingo County Housing Authority in West Virginia.

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