United Way makes $2.65 million community investment

Posted on July 01, 2021

United Way of Tarrant County announced the investment of $2.65 million in the community through its Reimagine and Rebuild Tarrant County Fund, Veterans Fund and Women United Fund. The investment provides funding to 54 organizations to address ongoing social challenges related to basic needs, affordable housing/homelessness, education, healthcare and transportation. The funding also addresses inequities and disparities in Tarrant County.

This total is in addition to more than $5.5 million in emergency relief funds invested in the community over the past year to help those in need as a result of COVID-19. United Way of Tarrant County also awarded more than $430,000 to organizations and individuals impacted by winter storm Uri in February.

“The Tarrant County community has been greatly impacted by the pandemic and the winter storm,” said Leah King, President and CEO of United Way of Tarrant County. “The amount of suffering and grief was overwhelming, and we are only just beginning to recover. Through generous donations from corporations, foundations and individuals, United Way of Tarrant County is able to provide ongoing, long-term support to the community as we all strive to get through these difficult times.

Reinventing and Rebuilding the Tarrant County Fund

The Reimagine and Rebuild Tarrant County Fund was established to provide long-term assistance to the community as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund provides meals for the elderly, students and families; help with rent, mortgages and utilities; and other basic needs. The fund is also used to create employment development and training programs, K-12 educational programs and college readiness, and general and mental health programs.

Funding recipients include:

  • AIDS Awareness Center: $90,000
  • Alzheimer’s Association North Central Texas Chapter: $45,000
  • American Red Cross: $75,000
  • Arlington charities: $48,000
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Greater Tarrant County: $129,000
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County: $50,000
  • Fort Worth Catholic Charities: $90,000
  • Center for Transforming Lives: $75,000
  • Child Care Associates: $90,000
  • Clayton Youth: $70,000
  • Communities in Grand Tarrant County Schools: $62,500
  • Community frontline: $12,500
  • Community Learning Center Inc: $100,000
  • Community Link: $15,000
  • Heart of the Como Lions: $17,500
  • DASH Network: $17,500
  • Arlington Dental Health: $35,000
  • Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition: $15,000
  • Girls, Inc.: $75,000
  • Guardianship Services: $30,000
  • Tarrant County Healthy Collaboration: $25,000
  • Texas Hispanic Women’s Network: $7,000
  • I can still shine: $5,600
  • Alliance of Scales: $90,000
  • Lena Pape: $70,000
  • Wedding management: $17,500
  • Meals on Wheels: $75,000
  • Opening doors for women in need: $14,000
  • Scouts: $90,000
  • Presbyterian night shelter: $77,000
  • Reading Partners: $87,500
  • Resource Recovery Council: $55,400
  • Rosa es Rojo: $17,500
  • Haven of safety: $129,000
  • Salvation Army: $90,000
  • Southwest Diabetic Foundation: $27,500
  • Tarrant Literacy Coalition: $20,000
  • The Women’s Centre: $100,000
  • United Community Centers: $60,000

veterans fund

United Way launched its Veterans Fund in 2013 with a generous contribution from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. and an additional donation from Bell. The funding is dedicated to supporting military service members returning to civilian life in the Tarrant County area, including counseling, career and financial coaching, substance abuse treatment and other high-priority needs.

This year’s funding includes:

  • 22Kill: $15,000
  • Community Learning Center Inc. : $69,000
  • Destin Point: $12,500
  • Fund raising: $63,000
  • Wedding management: $12,000
  • MHMR Visions: $35,000
  • Scouts: $49,000
  • Recovery Resource Council: $60,000
  • Servolution Network: $33,500
  • Tarrant County Veterans Court: $15,000
  • Volunteers of America TX: $36,000

United Women’s Fund

The Women United Fund, established in 2008, is allocated to organizations that support women and girls through services and programs that lead to quality education, improve job skills and expand the opportunity to change their lives through d other means.

Grants from the Women United Fund have been awarded to:

  • Campfire: $5,000
  • Child care associates: $5,000
  • Alliance of Scales: $35,000
  • Volunteers of America TX: $5,000

Photo: The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the community. The Reimagine and Rebuild effort is committed to supporting Tarrant County through long-term recovery efforts.

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Jill E. Washington