U of I Police Hire Community Services Officers

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – The University of Illinois Police Department is currently hiring people to become community service officers.

CSOs are not police, are unarmed, and would not respond to emergencies and ongoing crimes. Instead, they would respond to non-emergency situations and speak with community members reporting things like minor thefts, lost property, vandalism, lockouts, and other quality of life issues.

This would allow more sworn officers to be available for more serious situations, including ongoing crimes, and proactive crime prevention work.

“CSOs will be a great complement to our current police personnel and enhance our overall service to the campus community,” said Chief Alice Cary. “We want to focus our sworn officers’ time on critical security issues, and CSOs are a creative alternative to refocusing some of those resources.”

The UIPD is looking to hire four CSOs and is looking for candidates who are enthusiastic about serving the community and helping solve security or other issues. Successful CSOs would have the opportunity to advance to police officer positions after gaining experience.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain early experience in a law enforcement environment, or simply for people who are enthusiastic about helping others in the community,” Cary said. “We are excited about this new initiative and the opportunity to strengthen our service throughout the Campustown area.”

The job posting is available on the Illinois Human Resources website.

Jill E. Washington