The new Community Savings Ambassador shares his story

The managing director of Jersey-based recruitment firm GR8 has revealed how Community Savings helped him turn his life around and build the business he now runs.

Lee Madden (pictured), Managing Director of GR8, was homeless, depressed and in debt and wants to tell his story so others in a similar situation will seek out the help available.

Community Savings has appointed Mr. Madden as an ambassador for the charity.

Steve Eldred, Managing Director of Community Savings, said: “We are delighted that Lee has agreed to be one of our ambassadors. Lee’s story will strike a chord with many Islanders who have gone through tough times but managed to turn their lives around with support. We hope this shows others that it’s okay to ask for help, especially in the current economic crisis, and that Community Savings is here to help people when they need it most.

Lee added, “I didn’t know about community savings until I hit rock bottom and had nowhere to go. A friend told me about their services, and I stuck with them for years, even when I was building this business. Without their support, even if it was just to be able to have a friendly chat with their staff, I don’t know what I would have done.

As an ambassador, Lee shares his story with the hope that others will come forward asking for help.

He explained: “Shortly after going to see them, I realized that I was not alone and that it was normal not to be well. I hope this will help people to take that first step. difficult and to contact an organization like Community Savings. I was couch surfing, had huge debts and couldn’t get a bank account, but little by little, with their help, I managed to put my life on the rails.

“You should never be afraid to ask for help. Even when you’re in your worst place, things can get better and you can achieve your goals. In my case, I succeeded thanks to their help.

Jill E. Washington