The Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Announces 2021 Graham County Community Investment Fund Grant Recipients

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PHOENIX – Freeport-McMoRan is pleased to announce that the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation has awarded nearly $ 2.8 million to 39 projects in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico as part of our fundraising process. community investment.

The recipient organizations will receive their monetary rewards and will be recognized by members of the Community Investment Committee during grant presentations this fall.

“The COVID pandemic and other disruptive events over the past 18 months have affected the way we all perceive and achieve well-being, as well as the need to think more resolutely about how we help create resilience individual, family and community, ”said Tracy Bame, President, Freeport-McMoRan Foundation. “An important part of this effort is the ability to work with our program partners to understand the impact of each project so that we can collaborate with a wide range of community actors to fill gaps in services, resources and resources. assets needed to support the well-being and resilience of individuals and communities over time.

The most effective investments come from collaboration. The Freeport-McMoRan Foundation works with a range of committed partners throughout the investment process. The Foundation’s new partnership with True Impact provides a very favorable application process that allows organizations to reflect on the impact of their project in the community.

Where a community investment fund exists, local leaders representing various organizations and two or three representatives from Freeport-McMoRan decide how the funds are allocated. These community leaders are selected by members of the Local Community Partnership Committee, a stakeholder engagement process established by Freeport-McMoRan over 15 years ago to foster open and ongoing dialogue with the community. The process allows the business and the community to work together to develop thoughtful solutions that meet the needs of the community.

Since 2011, nearly $ 4.3 million has been invested through the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Community Investment Fund in Graham County. The funds have gone to programs and projects that help foster sustainability and reduce reliance on a single industry by supporting initiatives that build the resilience and capacity of communities. In 2021, $ 400,000 was awarded to the following grant recipients:

Alliance for the conservation of the Aravaipa watershed

Watershed conservation plan – $ 30,000

The funding will enable the Alliance to develop the first cooperative watershed management plan for the Upper Aravaipa watershed.

Gila Valley Boys and Girls Club

Grow Smarter 2021 – $ 25,000

The Boys and Girls Club continues to be an essential resource for students to receive tutoring and homework help as well as safe, quality care outside of school, while allowing caregivers to remain in the childcare market. job.

City of Safford

El Paso park redesigned – $ 210,000

The addition of a playground and other key features will further develop El Paso Park into a safe and accessible community asset.

Graham County Interfaith Care Alliance

Our Neighbor’s Farm & Pantry Satellite Expansion Planning Project – $ 50,000

The plan will allow Our Neighbor’s Farm and Pantry to thoughtfully expand their food production and education offerings while continuing to meet the local food security needs of existing customers.

Graham County Rehabilitation Center

Professional training course – $ 40,000

Installing a hands-on scouting system lab will give rehab center clients the opportunity to explore career areas and find the ones that work best for them. It will also help support their transition into the labor market.

Clean and Beautiful Southeast Arizona

Water bottle filling stations – $ 45,000

Improving infrastructure along the desert trails to include water bottle filling stations will encourage additional use and reduce the number of single-use water bottles.

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