The Aux receives $500,000 from the NorthShore Community Investment Fund

The Aux announced the receipt of $500,000 from the NorthShore Community Investment Fund to build thriving commercial space for Black-owned businesses focused on improving community well-being. As one of the first to partner with NorthShore through its investment fund, the organizations will work collaboratively to strengthen black entrepreneurship and increase community access to wellness services by practitioners of color.

“We are very pleased to partner with NorthShore and are grateful for their leadership in recognizing that wealth is health,” said Jacqui White, a longtime Evanston resident who is co-developer of The Aux and co. -founder of The Laundry Café. . “The Aux gives black people the opportunity for economic development in Evanston that will continue to nurture new entrepreneurs for years to come. We hope other partners will follow NorthShore’s lead by investing heavily in innovative initiatives in communities of color.

NorthShore, including Swedish and Northwest Community Healthcare, selected The Aux as one of seven local organizations in Lake and Cook counties to collaborate on programs that improve health and well-being, advance health equity healthcare and support local economic growth. As part of their recently completed merger, NorthShore and Edward-Elmhurst Health have each committed $100 million, which will generate millions of dollars annually, to benefit their respective communities.

“Entrepreneurship and innovation are key to building a thriving local economy, and The Aux serves as a critical catalyst for black entrepreneurs, in particular, to create successful start-ups and small businesses, thereby generating jobs. locals in the process,” Gabrielle said. Cummings, president of NorthShore Legacy Acute Care and Highland Park Hospital.

“We are business people looking for investments, taking risks, building community legacies and paving the way for other black businesses to succeed,” said anchor tenant Tosha Wilson, a 20-year veteran. and Evanston Police Department sergeant and co-founder of Le Café des Blanchisseries.

The Aux will use the investment for major capital improvements to transform a vacant industrial building into more than 16,000 square feet of high-quality retail space for Black-owned businesses and a vibrant community gathering space. The new wellness center will serve all of Evanston and the surrounding Chicagoland area. It will host 10-12 tenant businesses, create more than 30 jobs, and support an extensive network of black-owned pop-up businesses and vendor companies.

In addition to economic impact, The Aux is focused on expanding access to a range of wellness services by practitioners of color.

“True holistic wellness is my passion, and I am thrilled that The Aux provides a home for our community to improve not only their physical health, but also their emotional, mental, spiritual and financial well-being,” said Tiffini. Holmes, co-developer of Aux and co-founder of Well Beings Chicago.

“Our Community Investment Fund is built on the principle that the more we connect and invest in our communities, the better off we all become,” added Cummings. “We aim to be a true catalyst for change – putting our unique talents, abilities and resources to work by collaborating with local organizations, like The Aux, through creative partnerships to benefit our communities.”

Jill E. Washington