Texarkana police officers honored with life-saving community service awards

TEXARKANA, Texas — Two police officers have received honors from Texarkana, Texas Police Department Chief Kevin Schutte for their service to the community.

Officer Tiffany Harper receives life-saving award. She was one of the first female police officers to respond to a shooting incident in December. A man was found bleeding outside the residence and officers were able to determine that he had been shot. Harper, who is also a paramedic, kept her finger inside a serious neck wound to stop the bleeding as she continued to assess the victim’s other four gunshot wounds. His actions that day helped save the man’s life, police say.

Harper has only been with the department for about a year and a half, but she has already distinguished herself as an excellent officer who is kind, courteous and professional in every way, Schutte said.

Officer Karey Parker, who is a neighborhood coordinator, received the certificate of merit for his behind-the-scenes work representing the department in the community for several years. Parker has developed connections across the city through his volunteerism, selflessness and genuine investment in the community he serves, Schutte said.

Parker can often be found planting trees in an underserved neighborhood, handing out Christmas presents to children he bought with his own money, or reading to children in one of the elementary schools, Schutte said.

Constable Karey Parker is presented with the Certificate of Merit by Texarkana Texas Police Department Chief Kevin Schutte for his efforts to improve community relations. (photo sent)

Print title: Texarkana police officers honored with community service awards that saved lives

Jill E. Washington