Tacoma Farmers Market is coming to the Eastside Community Center for the 2022 season – The Suburban Times

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Eastern Community Center. Photo courtesy of Metro Parks Tacoma.

Tacoma, WA – The Tacoma Farmers Market (TFM) today announced its new Eastside location for the 2022 Seasonal Market.

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From June 7 through August 30, the market will be held every Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Eastside Community Center, a Metro Parks Tacoma facility. The center is located at 1721 E 56th St, Tacoma.

The market had been held for years at the Tacoma Christian Center on McKinley Avenue. In early 2022, the Puyallup Tribe purchased the center and are in the process of converting it into a long-needed funeral home to properly honor their people with traditional services. The need to be open for services on short notice and upcoming renovations made parking impractical for the summer market.

After hearing about the market’s struggles, Puyallup Tribal Council Vice President Sylvia Miller met with TFM leaders and Tacoma City Council Deputy Mayor Catherine Ushka to see how the tribe could help.

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“It’s not just about the Puyallup tribe,” Vice President Miller said. “We are all put here on this Earth to work together.”

The VP said she would continue to speak with TFM executives as they look for a more permanent location.

“We are excited to continue our commitment to the Eastside community to provide access to fresh food, especially in partnership with the Puyallup Tribe and Metro Parks,” said Michael Liang, Chairman of TFM’s Board of Directors.

Positive community impact

Moving to the Eastside Community Center for the 2022 season will provide vendors and customers with greater access and options. The market made this decision in partnership with executives from Puyallup Tribal and Metro Parks Tacoma, who share the excitement of the new location.

“The Eastside Community Center was created to serve our Eastside community,” said Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Park Commissioners Andrea Smith. “Addressing the very real issue of food insecurity by providing access to healthy, locally grown food is an incredible way to serve this community and support our commitment to equity and access. It’s a gift, and Metro Parks is grateful to all the partners who made it possible.

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Location Benefits

The Eastside Community Center is conveniently located for Eastside residents and accessible to vendors. Located at 1721 E 56th St, the busy center offers many scheduled activities, making it a community center.

Founded in 1990, the Tacoma Farmers Market is a beloved community institution. The organization offers a wide range of products available in its three markets, fulfilling its mission to create vibrant markets where local farms, small businesses and organizations connect directly with the community.

Jill E. Washington