Spectrum Community Center Assist celebrates a year of impact

In her role at nonprofit Better Family Life in St. Louis, Ida Roundtree has seen clients improve their resumes, land jobs, and rediscover the joy of providing for their families. In short, she has seen the impact of career development programs made possible, in part, by a meaningful first-year partnership with Charter through Help at the Spectrum Community Center (SCCA), a strategic philanthropic initiative to revitalize community centers in rural and urban areas and invest in job training programs in underserved communities across Spectrum’s 41 states.

Better Family Life, which works to stabilize inner-city neighborhoods, has provided job training to more than 120 program participants and helped more than 80 beneficiaries find jobs since first partnering with Spectrum in September 2021. is one of 19 nonprofit organizations in as many different cities in the Spectrum service area that have benefited in the first 12 months of the program. Over five years, Spectrum plans to invest $30 million, including in-kind contributions, to improve 100 community centers in its service area, serving approximately 50,000 local residents.

“When I look at the members of our community, I see myself; they don’t even know what Miss Ida went through,” said Roundtree, Better Family Life’s acting senior director of workforce development, who has experienced homelessness in her own past. “This initiative has changed their lives. When I think of the impact due to Spectrum’s efforts, it helps us continue our mission of community outreach and to provide hope, comprehensive services, and meaningful opportunity.

Spectrum Community Center Assist Impact: By the Numbers

6,000+ Participants served in the Company’s 41-state service area. Nineteen community centers in 15 states provided customers with access to job training classes, new devices, and underwent upgrades with the help of Spectrum volunteers. In Stamford, Connecticut, near Charter headquarters, Asha G., who had lost her job during the pandemic, arrived at the Western Connecticut Community Action Agency and learned that improving his digital skills would be a boon to his career search. Within a month, she took courses in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access which bolstered her resume.

More than 160 jobs obtained through vocational training programs. From resume workshops to job training and interview practice, more than 160 clients from community centers that are part of SCCA have landed jobs. A student, Malik, arrived at Beatties Ford Vocational Training Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, unemployed, but after completing a six-month training in heating and ventilation, he was hired by an HVAC company.

1,000+ Distributed Laptops, Desktops, Workstations and Smartboards: Bridging the digital divide is an important mission of many Spectrum Community Center Assist partners. With each launch, Spectrum donates over 25 Chromebooks in addition to other gear. Consider the impact of a device distributed to Tammy S., a client of UP Orlando — a single mother with a master’s degree who had lost her job. Tammy participated in UP Orlando’s Success Training employment program and received a Chromebook upon graduation. The device helped her develop her skills and look for a job, soon after landing a new job.

More than 3,400 volunteer hours by Spectrum employees. Employees – more than 600 in the first year – volunteered their time and energy at SCCA partnership launch events across the company’s service area. Employee volunteers made physical improvements to 19 different community centers, including landscaping, painting, and installing desks and chairs in classrooms at the new Spectrum Training and Technology Centers.

Community centers also receive free gigabit broadband service from Spectrum as part of the partnership – an essential element that the centers say attracts more customers and positively impacts daily operations and the facility’s varied programs.

“One year into the Spectrum Community Center Assist program, we have seen the benefits of this partnership for job seekers and local employers, and we look forward to building on this success,” said Rahman Khan, vice -President of Community Impact for Charter. Communications, which operates the Spectrum brand of Internet, TV, Mobile and Voice products. “SCCA strives to develop long-term partnerships that can have an impact for years to come. We see families improve their economic situation with the help of our program, thanks to the skills they acquire which ultimately help them to be employed.

*Numbers above represent one-year totals of Spectrum Community Center Assist impact, from September 2021 launch through October 1, 2022.

More information about Spectrum Community Center Assist is available here.

Jill E. Washington