Son of Met-Con founder gets community service and insurance fraud compensation – InsuranceNewsNet

Faribault Daily News (MN)

When Scott McDonough received an invoice for more $7,000 annual premium, he would have forged a name to transfer ownership of the policy to himself. He then collected nearly $125,000 payment on the policy.

Scott McDonough told an investigator Minnesota Commercial Fraud Bureau he believed he owned the policy. He said his dad told him he could cash in on the insurance policy one day.

McDonough first pleaded guilty to the fraud charge in May, withdrew his plea in July, then pleaded guilty again last week.

He was sentenced by the judge Karie Anderson complete 40 hours of community service and two years of probation. He must also pay restitution, the amount of which is still being determined.

Probation terms include that he continue in therapy and stay away from MetCon and its new owners. The prison sentence will be overturned if McDonough meets those conditions.

Jill E. Washington