Solano County needs a community center for Spanish-speaking residents

I am currently attending Solano Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI Solano), Class of 2022. As students of this program, we need to create a project to help our community. Mine is called “Centro Hispano del Condado de Solano/Hispanic Community Center of Solano County”.

According to an article published by US News in 2021, Solano County is the sixth most diverse county in the United States with a total population of 453,491, of which 28.3% are Hispanic or Latino (128,338 people). In 2015, the most widely spoken non-English language in Solano County was Spanish at 15.2%, meaning at least 68,930 people would benefit from this center.

Many departments in Solano County offer services in Spanish, but it is difficult for the community to know where to go to find them and they must rely on friends or family to find a way to find the right department or person. within the department who can help them.

To solve the above problems, I think there should be a central place in Solano where people can go to get information for whatever need they might have. It doesn’t matter if they are looking to find a job, start a new business, file for divorce or child support, get resources for their children, like scholarships, help with food , housing, etc. The center could have all the lists of current organizations and services at the city and county level that can help them with their specific needs and refer them to the organization that can help them.

Finally, to make it easily accessible to everyone in the county, the city I suggest is Fairfield, since it is already the county seat and it is centrally located (any resident can access the center in less than 30 minutes from road).

Citlalli Flores Zepeda


Jill E. Washington