“Saed Tesaad”: a community service campaign driven by senior MIU students.

A group of graduate students from Misr International University (MIU) launched their “Saed tesaad” campaign on several social media platforms on May Day. “Saed Tesaad” is a youth-led initiative that aims to encourage young adults to participate in community service programs and volunteer activities, and to connect people who want to create change in their community with the good community service organization based on their interest and availability.

“We chose to tackle this topic because we have personally experienced challenges reaching out to community service organizations and hoped to make the process of volunteering easier for others who want to give back to their society by creating a platform that brings together organizations from different fields in one place”. Said Salma Zakareya, one of the members of the graduation project.

“Saed Tesaad” was launched on three social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. The group also developed an app idea, working with several non-governmental organizations including Share a Smile, Very Nile, Mashrou’ ElSa’ada and others. The app allows its users to easily browse through different volunteering opportunities and filter them based on duration and categories area. Additionally, a website for ‘Saed Tesaad’ has also been launched to raise awareness of the campaign and reach a wider audience.

The campaign aims to highlight the difference between community service and philanthropy and to raise awareness of how community service can contribute to some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The campaign focuses its efforts on developing a sense of cooperation, integration and unity among young adults, and strengthening social networks between communities.

Jill E. Washington