Rocklin pays tribute to the winners of the Ruhkala Community Service Award 2022

The city council organizes a special presentation

Rocklin, Calif. – The Rocklin City Council held a special presentation for the 2022 Ruhkala Community Service Award recipients at the April 26 meeting.

This year’s recipients are involved in volunteer work for equality and inclusion, helping businesses succeed, saving animals, promoting the arts and honoring Rocklin’s history. Learn more about each winner below and congratulate these deserving citizens, who make Rocklin the great place to live that it is.

Twiana Armstrong – Individual Award Recipient

Twiana Armstrong is the current Chair of the City of Rocklin’s Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission, which is responsible for, among other things, the promotion and preservation of the park grounds and open spaces. She also volunteers with organizations such as Professional Business Women of California and is co-chair of Leadership Rocklin, which helps participants develop leadership skills and provides networking opportunities with community members.

Other volunteer services in which Armstrong is involved include serving on the board of directors of Stand up workeras Chair-Member of the Cultural Advisory Council and volunteer for Rocklin High’s Black Student Union efforts.

“Twiana gives every minute of every day in service to the town of Rocklin,” Armstrong’s proponent told Rocklin. “I have yet to meet someone who attends all the meetings, events, awards, organizations and briefings like she does.”

Rocklin Lost and Found Pets – Honored Service Organization

The loss of pets is always a stressful time in the lives of pet owners, and for the past ten years, Kimberly Hall, founder of Rocklin Lost and Found Pets (RLFP), has worked tirelessly to find pets. missing in the city. This service organization not only raises awareness about lost animals, but also about abandoned or homeless animals. The service will set humane traps and assemble search teams, day and night, to care for Rocklin’s animals.

“Their unwavering dedication to the lost and helpless fur babies in this community has reunited countless families with their beloved pets,” said the RFLP nominator. “They do it at their own expense. Their unwavering dedication to the lost and helpless fur babies in this community has reunited countless families with their beloved pets. They are still there. Everytime.”

Luke Vellutini – Youth Award Winner

Luke Vellutini, a junior at Rocklin High School, is an exceptional case on what it means to dedicate his time and service to the Rocklin community. Vellutini sits on the board of The Residential Hermès, a local non-profit organization that provides marketing services to local businesses. He is also the founder of the Waste Management Association at Rocklin High School and has organized several events to reduce waste in local parks.

Between these two organizations and attending school full-time (where he provides tutoring services 2-3 times a week), Vellutini is also an active member of Rocklin Boy Scout Troup 349, where they begin a project that will build benches and provide landscaping services to local teenage group homes.

Jer Jarrett – Pioneer Award Honoree

Jer Jarrett moved to Rocklin in 2002 and after several years living here, she missed the art scene she had been part of in Los Gatos. In 2007, Jarrett met several local residents who also shared his passion for art and led the charge in creating “Art Matters”, a fine arts club. This would pass to the Rocklin Fine Arts Board, which is responsible for promoting artistic appreciation throughout the city. Jarrett served seven years as Senior Art Exhibits Coordinator at Rocklin Library.

Jarrett and Rocklin Fine Arts created exhibits for local business openings and annual town events and set up many of Rocklin’s premier art exhibits, including the Open Juried Show and the Student Showcase.

“Jer Jarrett’s efforts brought fine art to Rocklin,” says Jer’s nominator. “Participants in art meetings, art exhibitions, workshops, activities and exhibitions can participate in art in several ways [thanks to Jer’s involvement]”

Henry “Hank” Lohse III – Pioneer Award Honoree

For the past seventeen years, Henry “Hank” Lohse III has served in the Rocklin Historical Society, notably as President of the Historical Society, where he worked tirelessly and effectively to preserve the city’s heritage. He has volunteered for Run Rocklin, acting as a moderator at the corner of Whitney Blvd and Argonaut Ave, and for the past five years has volunteered for Rocklin’s “Big Day of Giving.”

Lohse is working closely with the Town of Rocklin and the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce, significantly increasing Rocklin Historical Society membership during the pandemic, and is volunteering alongside the Friends of the Rocklin Library to prepare for sales of books.

In a statement from the proposer, they write that Lohse has been a shining example for others to follow. “People recognized Hank as a resource they could rely on to build consensus on ways forward. Hank has been an invaluable leader.


Jill E. Washington