Riverdale burger restaurant recognized for community service during pandemic

A Riverdale burger spot that stepped up during the pandemic to help the community has been recognized for the help it has provided.

The namesake of the Bronx Community Board 8’s Most Valuable Merchant Award, the Betty Campbell Adams, was one of the inspirations for Laura Levine-Pinedo’s drive to help years ago.

“I saw her organizing the things she was doing in the community,” Levine-Pinedo recalled. “She was the foundation of this Riverdale community. I remember looking up to her from when I was 17.”

At that time, Levine-Pinedo was a waitress. She is now general manager of the Bronx Burger House, winner of the Betty Campbell Adams Award.

“The response has been overwhelming. We’ve really become a place in the community where we’re a restaurant, yes, but we’re a community center. of Kingsbridge VA,” says Levine-Pinedo.

It’s outreach opportunities like this, according to the Bronx Burger House team, that have motivated them to do more, even after being recognized by their community.

“I was grateful for the award, but we didn’t do it for the award, we did it to help the community. We have such a community of people who want to help,” Levine-Pinedo said.

“It’s just such a great network here. We’re building a family that allows us to do everything we want to do and more. We’re going to keep doing it and we’re not going to stop.”

That sentiment is shared by Levine-Pinedo and the rest of the Bronx Burger House crew, that they aren’t stopping any time soon.

In fact, if one orders the “Be A Friend” burger off the menu, a portion of the proceeds will go towards putting food in the “Friendly Fridge” just down West 242nd Street in Riverdale.

Jill E. Washington