Redmond launches “Solar Champion” community investment campaign

REDMOND, WA – The City of Redmond has launched its “Solar Champions” campaign, seeking interested neighbors and business owners to help pay for 500 solar panels to power the new Redmond Senior & Community Center.

Depending on the city, donations are tax deductible and signs can be sponsored by individuals, families, groups or businesses. A few city officials have already attended, including Redmond Mayor Angela Birney, City Council Speaker Tanika Padhye and Councilor Vanessa Kritzer.

“The Redmond Senior & Community Center is a heritage project that will meet a multitude of Redmond priorities and needs for community recreation and gathering spaces,” said Birney. “We invite you to join us in becoming a solar champion and committing to Redmond’s sustainable future for generations to come.”

According to the project’s website, each solar panel costs $1,000. Sponsors will receive a sticker, website and social media recognition, and their name or organization will appear on a plaque in the community center lobby upon completion of the building. The city said more options to get involved as a “founding member” will open in August.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $40 million, with construction expected to begin early next year and be complete by the end of 2023. Learn more about the new Redmond Senior & Community Center online.

Jill E. Washington