Red Bluff explores increased fees for community center – Red Bluff Daily News

RED BLUFF – The city plans to increase the user fee for the Red Bluff Community Center in the near future in order to balance the costs associated with operating the facility.

The topic was brought up at the city council meeting on Tuesday when considering the agreement between the county and the city to manage the center.

Under the agreement, the county owns the center while the city owns the property where the building is located. The two parties share equally the costs and net income related to the operation, management and maintenance of the center.

Additionally, the center and accompanying property are owned, operated, managed and maintained by the city as long as the county provides project administration and construction management services for any major repairs costing over $ 7,500. $.

The roof and the parking lot of the center need to be repaired according to the city staff. The county and city will share these costs for future projects.

City councilor JR Gonzales, in several meetings, spoke about the deal and what could be changed to make the center profitable. He called in Parks and Recreation Supervisor Karen Shaffer to discuss the costs of running the facility.

Shaffer said the center was operating in the red and user fees had not been increased for several years.

“Personally, I think we can increase our fees,” Shaffer said. ” I’ve watched it ; if we increase everything by 15 percent, that would add about $ 100 to our wedding package, and I think that’s very, very doable.

The wedding package typically costs around $ 900.

Councilor Daniele Eyestone said the Red Bluff Community Center Advisory Board was considering raising fees, but the onset of the pandemic derailed those conversations. Eyestone said the fees could be increased by more than 15%.

Gonzales agreed.

“Let’s just let some of these and negotiated,” Gonzales said.

City Councilor Clay Parker was against changing the deal but was open to a fee hike.

“If we’re going to increase our fees where we’re not that far in the red, we can do it, but we’re never going to do it in the dark,” Parker said. “This is a service that the city and the county provide to our citizens. “

The board agreed to ask the advisory board to explore the fee increase. The committee will then meet in February.

Jill E. Washington