Potawatomi Community Center Hosts Age My Way Fair | Local News

Crandon, Wis. (WJFW) — In an effort to improve the livelihoods of seniors, the Potawatomi Community Center wanted to help share resources for this age group.

“So far the feedback from our tribal members and the community has been very positive,” said Briana Davies, who gave life to My Life Age. She wanted to help seniors find the appropriate resources to improve their quality of life.

This includes blood tests, estate planning and support for Alzheimer’s disease.

“May is Older Americans Month, and this year’s theme is called age my way, to promote aging in place, provide resources for our older residents, and encourage them to lead healthy and healthy lives. active while staying at home. ”

“I know there’s a lot of things that I’m not aware of in the community that were all under one roof,” said Laurae Meydam, a participant seeking resources to help her mother.

Meanwhile, some guests had a certain resource in mind.

“I came here specifically to check out all of the veterans services, and transportation was one of the most important things I wanted to look at, because with fuel prices and getting older, that type of transportation can be a necessity. at some point,” said Tim Timm, another fair attendee.

In an effort to improve the livelihoods of seniors, this event wants to keep seniors healthy.

“We highly respect our elders; they are the backbone of our community and so of course we want to provide resources to enable them to live as long as possible,” Davies said.

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Jill E. Washington