Planning Commission Approves Proposed $48 Million Community Investment Program

The Clovis Planning Commission approved the community investment proposal for a total of $48 million at Thursday’s planning commission meeting. (City of Clovis)

The proposed 2021-2022 Community Investment Program (CIP) was approved by the Clovis Planning Commission in a brief meeting on Thursday, May 27.

At the meeting, Thad Avery, CIP manager for the city of Clovis, presented the 63-page proposal, which detailed the $48 million fund allocation.

CIP – often called capital improvement projects in other places – provides specified funds from the budget for the construction, repair or improvement of buildings or land.

“The proposed projects in the program were identified in consultation with the support of the various city department heads, their representatives and other relevant staff members,” Avery said.

The budget includes 57 projects that the City deems important for the next fiscal year.

Current Clovis CIP projects include Loma Vista Village Green Park, Fire Station 2, and multiple local and major street improvements.

The Loma Vista and Fire Station 2 projects are currently in the design phase.

In March, Clovis City Council discussed the cost of Fire Station 2 and estimated that $9 million would be administered for the project over the next year.

The construction of an adjoining training center for the temporary accommodation of personnel from barracks 2 is also planned.

Fire Station 2 was inaugurated in February and has an estimated end date of 2022.

There are 32 proposed projects for Clovis Streets in the budget, with 19 in the design phase and 20 in the construction phase. The 32 street projects are by far the largest of the program areas.

The City allocates $11.5 million to street projects, also the highest amount of any sector.

With respect to street improvements, the City plans its annual capping and slurry sealing projects that provide preventative maintenance to over 10 miles of local streets.

The Commission has not yet discussed the locations of the seal projects.

A widening of Sunnyside Avenue from Third to Fifth Street is planned.

The acquisition of properties in the Northwest sector is on the list of priorities for the City. The acquired property will be designated for the main water facilities needed for future developments.

The City is also considering nearly $48 million through revenue streams, including $17 million from the fund balance, $11 million from development charges and $8.5 million from fundraising. long term.

Clovis will also receive funding from various grants, taxes and measures.

Avery said the grants are a crucial part of funding the 2021-2022 projects.

Federal grants and regional Measure C funding will provide Clovis with $4.6 million. Funding for Measure C is estimated at $2.6 million.

Clovis will receive $4 million in gas sales tax and exercise funding, which will go to city streets.

Avery said the city received favorable construction costs last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and contractors needing work, but doesn’t think that will be the case soon due to construction shortages. materials and supplies.

“Recent indications are that construction costs are beginning to rise during increased construction and supply shortages,” Avery said.

Jill E. Washington