Pendleton Community Center plans at a glance

January 4 — After years of discussions, the Town of Pendleton is moving forward with its plan to build a community center.

Currently, a link on the Town of Pendleton website leads residents interested in designs for the community center building which will be submitted for submission this month. It will include ADA bathrooms and changing rooms, paved footpaths, pavilions, a paddling pool, as well as a building to accommodate service groups and seniors throughout the year. divided into different parts.

Supervisor Joel Maerten said in two interviews that one of the key milestones was a $ 200,000 grant from the Greenway Commission for the construction of the building in 2020.

“For this last year, we’ve had an architect working on blueprints – we have them on the website now – we’ve done conceptual stuff, kind of a circle, and we’re now working on final detail plans,” Maerten mentioned. “He’s working with the city’s engineers to put together an application package.”

Maerten gave an estimated price of $ 700,000 for the construction, which would be funded by the Green Lane grant and the reserves the city saved.

“We have been talking about the community center for a long time and have been saving all the time, but the cost of the building was beyond reserves,” he said. “We were waiting for the perfect community center and the cost of it was out of sight, but we saved up along the way.”

Two other state grants and Pendleton’s fundraising partner City Councilor Jason Evchich and his nonprofit, Mason’s Mission, will also partner with city reserves to complete the remainder of the project in its entirety.

Maerten has estimated that the wading pool, pavilions and paths will cost $ 1 million, but as noted, the project’s $ 500,000 will be funded by grants from the state of New York dispersed earlier in December.

For Niagara County as a whole, New York State will invest $ 21.5 million through the Regional Economic Development Council Initiative for various projects, including Pendleton.

Maerten also said the additional $ 500,000 will be raised by Mason’s Mission, a nonprofit specifically dedicated to building all-inclusive playgrounds for children who may live with disabilities such as wheelchair needs.

And just as important was a second state grant cited by Maerten to build ADA bathrooms and locker rooms in the amount of $ 90,000.

Maerten explained how the whole project will come together and really change Pendleton as a community. He gave the example of neighbors seeing each other in the playground and discovering that they live on the same street.

“I met so many people there, I think of one man in particular,” Maerten said. “He said, ‘Do you remember we met here eight years ago? And I said, ‘Yeah, I remember!’ (It was) just this random chance encounter. “

Jill E. Washington