PA wants HEIs to engage in community service

Andhra Pradesh State Department of Higher Education sets up community planning council in HEIs

It has been observed that engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a positive impact on society as a whole. Community service also allows students to learn life skills and knowledge, as well as provide services/solutions to those who need them most. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is currently exploring ways to merge the Institutes of Higher Education (HEIs) with the community as a whole. This initiative was also appreciated by the NITI Aayog.

As part of this initiative, the state department of higher education is establishing a community planning council in HEIs. HEI community engagement is integrated into a course or series of courses through a project that has both learning and community action objectives. The project is designed through collaboration between faculty and community partners. The project will require students to apply course content to community activities.

The Community Planning Council aims to advise government on matters affecting community development by incorporating the services of HEIs, including engineering, pharmacy, education, law and conventional university colleges.

Neduramalli Ram Kumar Reddy, Chairman, Community Planning and Development Council, PA State Government, said, β€œThe Community Planning and Development Council acts as a bridge between the government and the people. This step will allow students to become socially responsible.

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Jill E. Washington