Nord Anglia launches $ 500,000 community investment fund

Nord Anglia Education (NAE) has launched a $ 500,000 community investment fund for social impact projects in Qatar and around the world.

As part of Nord Anglia’s partnership with Unicef, a new Student Advisory Council will assess incoming applications from students at Compass International School Doha and Nord Anglia International School Al Khor, as well as NAE students from around the world for grants to finance, launch and improve local social awareness projects.
Fifteen students will make up the advisory board and will include representatives from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Middle East representative Katalin said she had seen firsthand the significant impact of local community projects, having previously worked with other schools to tackle climate change.
“This included planting different trees, setting up composting stations and attending environmental meetings with other schools,” she said. “Working towards global goals has always interested me, so I look forward to seeing and selecting projects with the rest of the student advisory board members. “
North Anglia Regional Director General (South East Asia & Middle East) Shaun Williams said the Unicef ​​partnership will help young people take direct action in community groups and charities local.
“Global citizenship starts with education, which is why we create experiences for our students to make a lasting difference in their local communities,” he said.
This year, the community investment fund will focus on projects related to challenges related to education, climate, health and mental well-being.
“In addition to further developing our students’ understanding of some of the biggest issues we face today, this investment fund and Nord Anglia’s ongoing partnership with Unicef ​​will also enhance creativity, resilience, critical thinking and leadership skills in our students to drive change around the world, ”said Williams.
“The US $ 500,000 community investment fund will help, maximizing the lifespan of each project and creating lasting impact,” he added.

Jill E. Washington