NE Council Approves Contribution to Community Center Project

Upgrading the sewage treatment plant was once again on the agenda at the August 3 meeting of North English Town Council. David Knipfer, Public Works, reported that work is underway on the scope of the Lakeview project. He noted that it looks like this work won’t be done until next spring. Utility easements were discussed. The council approved the project invoices and the contractor’s request for payment was submitted.

A letter from Cox Sanitation regarding labels instead of bags was shared with council.

A public hearing regarding Resolution 2022-12: Intention to convey ownership of 309 E. Clark Street to David and Cindy Goellnitz has been opened. No member of the public was present. Council closed the hearing and approved the resolution.

Resolution 2022-13: Intention to Transfer Ownership, Former Sewage Treatment Plant has been filed as the legal description is not yet being prepared.

Current real estate issues were discussed.

Council approved a $3,000 contribution to the community center sidewalk replacement project.

Municipal services

City Clerk Tara Heyne worked with Bergan KDV regarding the next required audit services. It’s on the November calendar. This is necessary due to the amount of funds received/spent from the USDA.

Knipfer reported that the sump grate in the driveway between West and Mill streets is on the list of sumps that have problems and will require labor-intensive work.

Council member Lou Garringer said the celebration went well. Council Member Kathy O’Rourke reported that the fireworks were really good.

Jill E. Washington