Nassau executive Curran proposes economic recovery and community investment plan

“It’s been a long road to recovery, but Nassau County is poised to come back stronger than ever,” Curran said.

As part of her broad initiative to restore financial health and create jobs and opportunities lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran was joined Friday by elected officials, members of its economic advisory board and community stakeholders to announce its proposal. to use $62,900,000 from the US bailout to fund a strong economic recovery and community investment program. The Curran County Executive has submitted legislation to the County Legislature that offers relief to small businesses, residential and commercial tenants, revitalizes main streets and downtown areas, and rebuilds Nassau’s water infrastructure while supporting the workforce development, seniors, veterans, youth programs and more.

The county has launched a new online portal at that will serve as a one-stop shop for determining eligibility for federal, state, and county programs and applying for available recovery grants, loans, and more. assistance programs and initiatives, including support for schools and special districts. For those who need additional information and support, Nassau County staff will be available by appointment (phone or in person) at the new Boost Nassau Resource Center, a county facility in Eisenhower Park.

“It’s been a long road to recovery, but Nassau County is poised to come back stronger than ever,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. “I want our Nassau residents and businesses to know that more help is on the way. While all of this funding is available, the typical complexity and bureaucracy that often surrounds these types of programs can make it difficult for a resident or business owner to seek out and get the help they need,” said Curran. “We take the guesswork out of the process and provide the resources and support residents need all in one place.”

The County Executive’s proposal was developed in coordination with its Economic Advisory Council, which is comprised of diverse members of the Nassau County community, including stakeholders from business, nonprofits, civic associations and trade unions. The Economic Advisory Council also commissioned a survey in partnership with Hofstra University to assess the county’s economic and pandemic recovery needs.

“The Curran County Executive is leading the way for Nassau to once again rise above and recover even stronger from the pandemic,” said Richard Kessel, Nassau County IDA Chair and Co-Chair. of the County Executive Economic Advisory Council. “We are open for business, and this is a comprehensive effort to help Nassau recover. We thank County Executive Curran for her leadership.

Jill E. Washington