“My name is” arrives at the Avila Beach Community Center

Play Avila Beach for two nights only

– Resilient Souls will organize an artistic evening on August 26 and 25 at 6:30 p.m. For two nights only, “My Name Is” will be performed by survivors of domestic violence and other crimes.

The play is based on the case of Annie (her last name is withheld) and her 20-year marriage to an abusive psychopath while living in Arroyo Seco and Carmel Valley. The play is written and produced by local detective David Norum. Norum worked in law enforcement for 16 years, from an undercover narcotics detective to a criminal investigator in the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office. He turned one of those cases into a play.

The cost to attend any of the shows is $65 for VIP seating and $45 for general admission.

After the performance, there will be a Q&A session with Annie, the detective/screenwriter and trauma experts. This evening will include the voices of survivors through a gallery of their art and a live play of the story of one survivor, Annie, (from Monterey County). The event will take place at the Avila Beach Community Center, 191 San Miguel Street, Avila Beach.

Survivors’ need for help and recovery reaches crisis point as the curtain is drawn on the prevalence and effects of trauma on women and men of all ages, according to Resilient Souls. From the founder’s traumatic personal experience, the Resilient Souls organization was born. Its goal is to build a trauma-informed supportive community.

Resilient Souls exists to compassionately care for victims who have experienced:

• Sexual assault
• Domestic/intimate partner violence
• Violent crime
• Human trafficking
• Veterans PTSD
• Past childhood abuse
• Homicide’s family member
• Other trauma

Over the past three years, Resilient Souls has worked to secure a network of trained individuals and resources to enable victims to become survivors and then thrive. The hope of the organization is to continue to create programs and trainings such as:

• International evidence-based and trauma-informed care programs
• Trauma-informed education for victims, survivors, mentors and community groups
• Individual crisis coaching
• Leadership training for recovery support by creating Crisis Abuse Support Teams
• Trained facilitators for support groups for abused, traumatized and sexually exploited people.
• Coordination of a mentor-to-mentee training program
• Emergency Safety Program

To build on this foundation, the organization invites its partners to further develop the curriculum and training, which ultimately builds a resilient and thriving community. Donations will help the organization raise funds and impact and continue its efforts to provide funds for office space and equipment for the healing program and expand services to more trauma survivors.

For more information, visit www.resilientsouls.org.

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