Million Dollar Community Investment | WATE 6 by your side

WATE 6 On Your Side is committed to helping our communities through partnerships with nonprofit organizations that serve all or part of East Tennessee. We have great respect and admiration for the work of our community partners, and we have the ability to share their mission with our viewers. We have a responsibility to shine a light on issues facing our community and use our resources to help make East Tennessee a better place to live, work and play.

In 2018, WATE further advanced this effort by making a $1 million community investment. The goal was to support as many local nonprofits and community organizations as possible and to make media coverage accessible throughout East Tennessee. To accomplish this, WATE has committed to awarding $1 million in in-kind media grants for the calendar year. We are pleased to report that we have exceeded our goal each year by delivering $3,487,888 in media value to our over 150 community partners over the past 3 years.

After a difficult year for most businesses and especially nonprofits, WATE will continue the $1 million community investment in 2021. WATE will again invest $1 million in the form of media grants that we will award to organizations in the region. We invite local nonprofits to apply for a portion of the $1 million community investment to support their media needs, community outreach, and fundraising efforts. Grants can be in the form of airtime, public service announcements, digital media, talent appearances, news coverage, event promotion or media sponsorship. We are working hard to find creative alternatives to continue supporting our partners in the absence of most fundraising events. We welcome your creative ideas and suggestions.

It takes a significant investment to build strong communities, which is why we hope to help as many organizations as possible with the launch of this grant. We are truly grateful to be part of a generous, community-based place like East Tennessee, and the Million Dollar Community Investment is our way of bringing together media, businesses, and nonprofits to improve lives. .

If you believe your organization meets the review criteria for a $1 million community investment grant, we invite you to complete the application. Grant applications will be reviewed and awarded monthly. Requests received after the 15th of the month may be reviewed the following month. For any event sponsorship request, please apply at least 3 months before the event. Questions about the $1 million community investment can be directed to Justin Young, Director of Community Development at [email protected]

Jill E. Washington