Mayfield Heights tackles community center building issues – News-Herald

The City of Mayfield Heights hopes to complete construction of its new aquatic and community center by summer 2023.

The Aquatic and Community Center was part of a park masterplan which was completed in 2015 to replace the current community pool at 1533 Chelmsford Road. The pool has been open since 1958, and the recreation department cited difficulties maintaining repairs to the pool and its structures as a reason for replacing them entirely.

The new aquatic community center being built at 6306 Marsol Road will cost approximately $34 million to build with funds from a 2020 income tax. The income tax said 60% of funds acquired would go to roads and sidewalks and 40% would go to public properties, which includes this project.

Construction has encountered issues that have slowed progress since construction began.

“As everyone knows, in this new world we live in, things don’t happen as fast as they used to in terms of supply chain, labor and several other factors, including a shortage of concrete. This unfortunately means that the construction of this new center is taking longer than expected, ”said the city’s director of recreation, Sean Ward. “Our hope is to get the structure as far as possible before the snow falls, as winter snow could significantly hamper their construction progress.

“All of these things are a challenge,” Ward said. “Depending on how the winter is and the bad weather will determine when the building will be finished.”

Construction of the Aquatic and Community Center was launched this summer with the city’s contract with AM Higley and Co. Mayfield City Council accepted its proposal to build the center after deeming it best suited for the job.

“We interviewed several contractors and, based on many factors, decided they were the best fit for the job,” Ward said. “They are a professional group and we are happy to work with them.”

Ward said the facility will be approximately 33,500 square feet and will include a new service development courtyard relocated to the east side of the property, and an outdoor pool and ADA play area on the north side. west. The building will include a fitness room for seniors, a gymnasium, three community rooms that can open into a large room for large events, a multipurpose room and the offices of the Recreation Department. The pool will feature a 34-foot “giant slide” structure, a family slide, a current flume, a high dip and more.

“We want this new center to become the center of the city,” Ward said. “Several events can take place there at the same time, which we were not capable of before. Whether you are a toddler or a senior or somewhere in between, there will be something for you here.

Ward said the new aquatic center gives them the opportunity to expand their recreational offerings and provide more options for residents.

Jill E. Washington