Loudoun Laurels Seeks Community Service Honor Nominations

The Loudoun Laurels Foundation is inviting nominations for its 2022 laureates.

The foundation’s mission is to honor outstanding community service for the benefit of Loudoun County residents and to develop future civic leaders through scholarship and mentorship. Each year, the Loudoun Laurels Foundation honors community leaders with the Loudoun Laureate Award. Nominations for this year’s Loudoun winners will close on May 1.

This year’s winner will be announced no later than June 1 and honored at the foundation’s annual gala to be held September 30 at Lansdowne Resort.

Previous winners include Joseph T. Boling, Kristina Bouweiri, Childs Frick Burden, Stanley Caulkins, Di Cook, Dr. John H. Cook, III, Betsy Davis, Fred Drummond, William H. Harrison, G. Kimball Hart, Dr. Edgar B Hatrick , III, Thomas D. Horn, Chuck Kuhn, J. Hamilton Lambert, Punkin Lee, Joe T. May, Margaret Morton, James P. Roberts, Karen Hatcher Russell, Karen and Fred Schaufeld, Eugene M. Scheel, Judy and Lang Washburn , Robert E. Sevila, Al P. Van Huyck, Su Webb, Cate Magennis Wyatt, and Paul Ziluca.

In addition to honoring community members for their leadership, service, and philanthropy, the foundation’s Stewardship Trust awards four-year scholarships each year to Loudoun County Public School students. Typically, these students are first-generation students whose potential for success has been demonstrated through hard work and personal sacrifice.

Since 2013, the Loudoun Laurels Foundation has awarded $920,000 in scholarships to 23 Loudoun Laurels Scholars. Each $40,000 scholarship is distributed to the college or University of Virginia of the student’s choice in annual increments of $10,000 for the four-year duration of their college career. Since 2019, 77 donors have donated $560,000 to fund the Loudoun Laurels Stewardship Trust Endowment.

For more information on sponsorships and gala invitations, past winners, the Loudoun Laurels Stewardship Trust and Loudoun Laurels Scholars, please visit loudounlaurels.org, facebook.com/LoudounLaurels or email info @loudounlaurels.org.

Jill E. Washington