LETTERS: Religious organization operating the town’s community center; merger between Frontier, Spirit | Opinion

Religious group managing the city center

The City of Colorado Springs Park Department of Recreation and Cultural Services has selected the Center for Strategic Ministry to operate the Westside Community Center under a new contract. The proposal puts their parent company, Woodman Valley Chapel Sunday Southwest Services, at the center, including full-time administrative offices with affiliate partners.

The community center should put the community it serves first and not CSM’s own interests. It is a city property and a community center in the city. There are no written business plans for the changes the CSM intends to make to the center to serve the church. A religious organization should not operate a community center in the city with a focus that does not meet the needs of the Westside community.

Kathleen Perry

colorado springs

Proposed merger between Frontier and Spirit

I was very happy to learn of the proposed merger between Frontier and Spirit Airlines. This merger could lead to expanded service at the Colorado Springs airport and cheaper airfares. To give just one example, the round-trip price on Frontier for a flight from Denver to Salt Lake City next Friday, February 25 is only $61. The cheapest flight on Delta Airlines from COS to Salt Lake City on the same day is $203. Delta has no competition on this route from COS and can charge whatever it wants.

Frontier is known as a “discount” airline and charges less than major airlines on most flights. Granted, service may be less than on Delta, but many will still be willing to pay less than a third of the price on Delta, especially on shorter flights. Hopefully COS management will do everything possible to bring more Frontier flights to our local airport.

Richard Johnson

colorado springs

Go back on voting

I read with dismay that El Paso County Assessor candidate Peter Lupia is asking to forego Dominion voting machines and count ballots by hand. Seriously? Perhaps he would like us to meet in school gymnasiums and deposit our ballots in boxes each bearing the name of a candidate. This way we can all see not only that everyone voted, but who they voted for. Of course, we should all be there to see that everyone’s vote is counted. Is it the transparency he is looking for?

I can’t believe that, as “tight” financially as El Paso County, the county is going to hire enough people to count all of our ballots or buy new machines. Additionally, how will the county ensure that people with disabilities (veterans, seniors, and adults) can vote independently? Dominion voting machines and a mail-in ballot do that. The county has won national awards for its inclusive voting processes. Such a backward reflection! What’s next, El Paso GOP? Should barefoot and pregnant women be put back in the kitchen? Former El Paso County Chief Electoral Officer Wayne Williams is tossed about in his City Council seat.

Patricia Yeger

colorado springs

What is happening here?

K-12 education is a joke. Politicians cut funding for the police but hire private security at taxpayers’ expense. Murders at an all-time high. Crimes out of control. The justice system lets the bad guys through. Colorado ranked one of the highest states for auto theft. Homelessness problem out of control. Too much empowerment. Drug and alcohol problems out of control. Fenytanal killing children. The cartels have found an easy place for their drug trade. But the state actually promotes drug use through cannabis stores. Pot raises $250 million in taxes, but the drug problem requires $450 million in funds to address related drug and alcohol problems. Highway death toll has never been higher but people use stop signs, brake lights, tailgate, speeding, road rage, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol alcohol, cell phone use and texting while driving seem almost uncontrolled, traffic laws are not enforced.

Vehicles driving with expired license plates. (Do they have liability insurance). The roads are a joke. (Pots galore, even with all the new taxes to fix) litter on our roads and highways, parks, walking paths laden with (disgusting) dog poo. People want new parks but can’t seem to take care of what we have. Electricity and gas prices out of control. Maybe converting Martin Drake so quickly wasn’t such a good idea.

So with that noted. “What is happening here?”

Paul Lachance

colorado springs

Small businesses on the brink

Why are small businesses on the brink of bankruptcy? We have a government that provides benefits for not working. Mandates, lockdowns and government incompetence have destroyed the supply chain and energy supply, causing massive inflation. We have a population that fears COVID to the extreme, acting like it’s Ebola instead of severe flu. We have a generation of thinkers who would rather have the government take care of them than work for a living.

Where do ‘82%’ of small businesses expect the government to get money to ‘provide more emergency aid’ when a lack of workers means a lack of tax revenue generation? Our nation needs to rebuild its backbone and remember that it is hard work and sound government policies that bring the benefits needed to keep businesses and society moving and growing.

Joseph Ford

colorado springs

Public Safety Bill

Here we go again, the Democrats have created a crime-friendly environment and put public safety on the backburner with their soft on crime legislation. Now they want to spend our tax dollars, not to fix the problem, but to create more government to help alleviate the problems they have created.

Why is the Democrats’ preferred solution to problems to spend more tax money and create more government? If public safety was Democrats’ number one priority, they should scrap bad legislation and start working on new ideas. But that’s not the plan, the distribution of killer drugs will continue to be treated as shoplifting, and career criminals will continue to be released without spending time in jail.

Rick McCarter

colorado springs

Jill E. Washington