Kingswood community center receives $10 million federal boost

Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons recently visited the Kingswood Community Center in Wilmington to announce $10 million in funding for the construction of a new center.

The current 7,494 square foot building was constructed in 1958, serving the community in services ranging from early childhood care to elder welfare.

The new 100,000 square foot facility will allow those programs to expand, and Carper says that means meeting the needs of even more area residents.

Quinn Kirkpatrick


Delaware Public Media

“The community center is multifaceted. Part of that will involve access to health care, part of it will involve access to a healthy environment and nutritious food,” Carper said. “Part of this will involve early childhood learning so that when children enter school they are not already hopelessly behind. So it’s multifaceted, and children and families need all of those things.
Coons says the $10 million Kingswood grant is one of the largest this year, and one of the first since Congress’s spending process changed — bringing back what used to be called appropriations.

“Congression-directed spending hasn’t happened in over a decade,” Coons said. “It had a bad reputation under previous Congresses when the practice of earmarking was not transparent, was not publicly endorsed, and was not targeted to necessary and admirable public goals.”

This $42 million project will be the centerpiece of the Riverside Revitalization Project, which aims to provide needed programs and services to residents of the Riverside neighborhood and northeast Wilmington.

Jill E. Washington