Joshua A. Cable Day Honors Hinds County Farmers for Community Service

When Joshua Cable attended a ceremony at Turning Point Fellowship Ministries International Church in Guangzhou on Feb. 1, 2020, honoring leaders who have been instrumental in building their surrounding communities, he knew he was one of those who would receive honours. What he didn’t expect when he stood before the assembled congregation that evening was to receive a signed proclamation from Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba establishing Joshua A. Cable Day in his honor.

“This announcement came as a shock to me,” Cable said. “I had dreamed of what it would be like to have my own day and what I would do with it, and to see it happen in that moment was overwhelming in the best way.”

Cable owns and operates Kingdom Cities Network, a business-focused ministry, alongside his wife, Monica Cable. He has long viewed local churches and communities as what he calls “cities within cities” and has made it his mission to develop them and help local leaders improve the lives of those in their sphere of influence. After receiving the signed proclamation from Mayor Lumumba, Cable has used the honor each year to shine a light on members of the Jackson Metro community and their own contributions to uplifting those around them.

This year, Cable partnered with the Best of Mississippi Awards to present certificates of honor to local farmers on Tuesday, Feb. 1 during a ceremony at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson. Among the winners were DJ Baker, owner of Esculent and food consultant for public and private food companies and edible landscaping projects; Cindy Ayers Elliott, President and CEO of Foot Print Farms; and Chris and Caroline Ratliff, owners of Ratliff’s IronHorse Ranch in Raymond, Miss.

Cindy Ayers Elliott, President and CEO of Foot Print Farms, received a Certificate of Honor from Joshua Cable and Best of Mississippi for the impact she has had on local food systems amid the pandemic. Photo by Acacia Clark

“We honor our local Hinds County farmers because we want people to see what they’ve been through and how they’ve responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it’s had on our economy. and our food systems,” says Cable. .

“There has been a profound effect on supplies that has affected many local businesses, and we as a community must come together and take practical steps to better prepare for similar crises in the future.”

Monica and Joshua Cable
Monica and Joshua Cable operate both Kingdom Cities Network, a ministry they founded in 2008, and Cable Connection Consulting, which runs virtual seminars on business-focused topics. Photo courtesy of Joshua Cable

Leading the charge, Cable has partnered with community organizations in Metro Jackson to implement projects to improve local economic development. Cable’s main goals are expanding local farmers and public markets and launching an economic development platform to help Jackson residents learn skills in entrepreneurship and financial development.

“When you establish new markets, it creates new businesses, and that’s what we want to see to grow our communities,” says Cable. “Going forward, we also want to invest in Mississippi’s tourism industry to bring more people here to frequent these markets. We want to create market towns with more space to serve as places for farmers to display their products. We also want to see our local farmers become teachers for the community and help citizens learn to garden and survive on their own in a potential crisis. »

The Cable Legacy

Cable and his wife created what is now Kingdom Cities Network in 2008 as Warcriers Ministries. The network is a combination ministry and business platform aimed at helping church leaders bring their communities together and lead efforts to build local businesses. Cable also works as a campus pastor at Belhaven University in Jackson, where he teaches courses in mentorship and leadership development.

In 2019, the Cables started another independent business called Cable Connection Consulting, which conducts virtual seminars on economic development, team building, growing a small business, and other factors that contribute to business growth. a local economy. The seminars take place on the CCC site,

Following the establishment of Joshua A. Cable Day in 2020, Best of Mississippi CEO Kathy Amos, CEO of Best of Mississippi reached out to Cable to help shine a light on the people Best of Mississippi has honored.

“Even though Cable has received recognition from the City of Jackson for his work and his ministry, he doesn’t want the spotlight to be on him,” Amos says. “These awards recognize individuals and small and medium businesses and let people know who they are and what they mean to Mississippi. They are the ones we want to honor through our awards and on our social media pages. »

Kathy and Joe Amos serve the Canton community as pastors and leaders of organizations such as Best of Mississippi, which recently honored Hinds County farmers. Photo courtesy Kathy Amos

Amos created the Best of Mississippi awards during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. His goal in starting the program, Amos says, was to encourage entrepreneurs, small business owners and their communities to sustain their businesses. alive amid the difficulties of the pandemic, especially restaurant owners who have suffered losses and closures.

The Best of Mississippi recognized Caroline and Chris Ratliff, owners of Ratliff’s IronHorse Ranch in Raymond, Mississippi, as small-scale farmers who have made significant contributions to agriculture in the state on Feb. 1, 2022. Photo courtesy courtesy of Caroline Ratliff

“Just as important as our local restaurants are the farmers whose fields and gardens we eat every day,” says Amos. “Despite this, they are among the least recognized and least honored people in our state, and probably the last people many think to celebrate. Who better to pay such an honor this year? I believe it is so important to recognize the tireless work they do in planting and harvesting so that we can have food on our tables and a balanced diet.

“We also want to pay tribute to Dr. Cable, who is a prolific teacher and minister at heart and always willing to give back to the community.”

In addition to their work with Kingdom Cities Network and Cable Connection Consulting, the Cables also served as Mr. and Mrs. Mississippi for the nonprofit Business Empowered International Chamber of Commerce in 2020. The Cables have been married for 12 years and have three children: Moriah, Joseph and Caleb.

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Jill E. Washington