Joint effort to design and build a community center in Woodlawn

The Midwest announced that it has entered into a significant collaboration with Project HOOD, the 501 c(3) organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty, violence and incarceration, to design and build a community center one of a kind for Woodlawn Residents. Additionally, Related Midwest has reached out to the Chicago business community to help make the Leadership and Economic Opportunity Center a reality during the final weeks of the HOOD Project fundraising campaign.

The Midwest will donate a wide range of services to the HOOD Project which will leverage its extensive expertise in architecture, building design and construction to help build a community center that best serves the neighborhood. Along with its active consulting role, Related will continue to seek in-kind donations and services from its network of key construction partners, including HVAC, masonry, roofing, plumbing and flooring experts.

Since November 20, 2021, Project HOOD founder Corey Brooks, also pastor of New Beginnings Church of Woodlawn, has been living on a neighborhood rooftop despite harsh weather to raise funds and bring attention to the challenges of community about poverty and violence. He will come down from the roof on February 28 after a 100-day campaign that spurred conversations with business and civic leaders across the city about the collective responsibility of Chicagoans to address systemic inequalities such as lack of community services available to residents of Woodlawn.

“Residents of Woodlawn deserve access to the same opportunities as those living on the North Side, including job skills development, entrepreneurship training, youth arts and sports programs, and safe places to play,” said Pastor Corey Brooks of the HOOD Project “I am thrilled to partner with Related Midwest and its strong ecosystem of partners as we plan for a future that provides this equitable access in the form of an all-inclusive center and that gives residents a stake in the future of their own community.

During the 100-day Tent-A-Thon, Pastor Brooks faced sub-zero temperatures, high winds and dangerous wind chills, missing the holidays, the comforts of home and the company of his family. Related Midwest President Curt Bailey and Vice President Don Biernacki spent a night on the roof with Brooks to better understand the goals of the HOOD project and how Related and its partners could help achieve them. Invigorated by their conversations with Brooks, Bailey and Biernacki brought friends and industry partners to the rooftop and invited hundreds more to support the Tent-A-Thon or spend the night on the rooftop.

“Pastor Brooks has a deep and inspiring commitment to his vision for a place that creates opportunity for individuals, youth and families in Woodlawn, and it is not possible to visit him on this rooftop and leave unchanged,” the Midwest executive vice president said. President Don Biernacki. “Related Midwest and our partners are excited to enter into this collaboration and build the best possible community center for the people of Woodlawn, and we call on every member of the Chicago business community to step up and contribute to this worthy cause of here on February 28. the dream of the HOOD project comes true.

Related has long supported Pastor Brooks’ efforts in the community and actively supports other organizations, including Future Ties, led by Jennifer Maddox, with social services and opportunities including health clinics and giveaway events. vacation.

To donate or learn more about Project HOOD and the Tent-A-Thon, visit

Jill E. Washington