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Conversations circulated among FAMU students about community service opportunities. Some students have complained about the difficulty of finding these opportunities, while others feel that students just aren’t looking hard enough.

Students have been eager or frustrated to find these opportunities to help them get involved in campus organizations.

Membership in many campus organizations, especially Greek-letter organizations that are popular among students, requires interested students to submit community service hours on iStrike. This has left students interested in these organizations searching for ways to satisfy their hours of service.

Agribusiness major Marley Campbell is a college freshman who struggles to find community service opportunities. Campbell said she was looking forward to joining some organizations, but her lack of service hours made it difficult.

“I feel like I haven’t seen so many community service events happen this semester,” Campbell said. “It’s frustrating for me because I want to be a member of a lot of things, and I want my hours to help me stand out.”

For other students, logging community service hours hasn’t been as difficult.

Sean Geigher, a sophomore criminal justice major, felt similar to Campbell during his freshman year at FAMU, but quickly changed his mind. Geigher said he found it easier to find community service opportunities once he got into it.

“I just started meeting people who were part of the organizations I was interested in and following the organizations on social media,” Geigher said. “I think the more opportunities presented to me, the more I made myself available. No one will give you anything.

Geigher said he was surprised at how easy it was to log hours once he made himself available.

“A lot of these organizations will hold their own community service events because it’s something they want to be known for,” Geigher said. “I just go to the ones that interest me, and I already have 10 hours.”

Students who have had difficulty finding community service opportunities can check out online resources if they haven’t already. In the events folder on iStrike, students can customize their results to show only upcoming service events.

During the final week of classes, Psi Mu Alpha Sinfonia will hold a toy drive on November 30, and Alpha Phi Omega National Service fraternity will hold a donation drive on December 3.

There are also off-campus opportunities for students. has a page on its website called “Volunteer Opportunities” that allows anyone to apply online to a local organization of their choice.

Jill E. Washington