Hope Community Center Received $45,500 Grant –

Hope Community Center (HCC) received a $45,000 grant from Contigo Funda budget-sponsored project from the Proteus Fund through the 2022 Movement and Power Building Grant, and a $500 grant from the Healing Justice Funds to support their ELEVAR project, according to a Thursday, April 14 HCC press release.

ELEVAR (Educate, Leaders, Energy, Courage, Love, Resilience) develops a leadership pipeline of grassroots activists from marginalized LGBTQ+/immigrant/people of color communities, especially those who live at the intersection of these identities.

ELEVAR is inspired by the idea that grassroots leadership development is more than just exposing people to political processes and building skills. This model recognizes the interplay between human dignity and leadership, resulting in leaders who commit to the long term, not just one campaign or action.

“It’s about loving people and including where everyone is welcome in the beloved community,” said Sister Ann Kendrick, founder of HCC, as quoted in the press release.

“As an LGBTQ+ immigrant myself, I’ve struggled to find an organizing space that honors my authentic self and all that I can bring to the table,” said Felipe Sousa-Lazaballet, Director executive of the HCC, quoted in the press release. “We are so grateful for the Contigo Fund’s commitment to grassroots organizing and real social change. This grant will give us the resources to invest in our leaders and build a powerful intersectional movement in Central Florida. »

“The LGBTQ+ Immigrant Rights Program at Hope Community Center, funded since its inception by the Contigo Fund, has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership, advocacy and community organizing skills to create an LGBTQ+ immigrant group ,” Andrea Montanez, LGBTQ+/immigration coordinator, was quoted as saying in the press release. “These are rare opportunities for transgender immigrant leaders like me and I am grateful for the financial investment made by the Contigo Fund, which will have a huge impact as we come together to fight for our rights, raise our voices and strengthen the power with each other for a better future.

For more information on how to support this movement, contact Montanez at 407-880-4673 ext. 243 or [email protected]

Through service and advocacy, the HCC stands with immigrants and other people who are tenacious and courageous in the face of all systems of oppression. HCC has two campuses, both located in Apopka. To learn more about other services and programs, visit www.hcc-offm.org/.

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Jill E. Washington