Hilliard Partners with OSU Wexner in City’s Future Community Center

The City of Hilliard and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center announced their collaboration on April 29 to create a health and wellness medical center as part of the future Hilliard Community Recreation and Wellness Center. .

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“Details of the deal are expected to be worked out in the coming months,” said David Ball, Hilliard’s community relations manager.

“This project is in the community feedback gathering portion of the initial design phase. Ohio State’s proposal shows a wide range of possible offerings, which align with the city’s priorities for community health and wellness,” Ball said.

“Integrating OSU’s programs and services with those of the city will create unique amenities for Hilliard residents,” said City Manager Michelle Crandall.

“While Ohio State will have a dedicated space for its own health and wellness services, what makes this partnership unique and exciting is how their services and programs will integrate the amenities, services and programs that the city will include in the new community center.

“Our staff will work hand-in-hand with Ohio State staff to develop programs and education that meet the needs of our community,” Crandall said.

OSU officials say they look forward to becoming an intimate part of the Hilliard community through this partnership.

“Becoming a health and wellness partner with the City of Hilliard will give Ohio State Wexner Medical Center the opportunity to provide residents with greater access to high-quality care while broadening and strengthening our connections. existing.

“We are excited about the prospect of becoming an even greater part of the fabric of the Hilliard community,” said Dan Like, administrative director of ambulatory services at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, in a press release announcing the partnership. .

The preparatory work for the agreement announced on April 29 began last year during the campaign for the successful passage of number 22, a 0.5 percentage point increase in income tax that voters in Hilliard approved in November.

“During the campaign, we said that finding a partner for integrated medical services was a planned component of campus wellness. It’s the realization of that vision,” Ball said.

The campus is to be built on the south side of Scioto Darby Road and west of the future Cosgray Road extension, on the western fringe of Hilliard and on the northeast part of a 125-acre parcel known as from Jerman tract.

This map illustrates the future site of the Hilliard Community Center and Wellness Campus.

Councilor Les Carrier said that while he is excited about the city’s future community recreation and wellness center, there is still more to learn about the partnership.

“While I have no interest in using taxpayer dollars to build a medical center, I look forward to seeing what Ohio State has to offer, in addition to what they are already providing. through services at (Ray Patch Hilliard YMCA and Bo Jackson Elite Sports Development),” Carrier said.

Carrier said he further expects to hear from Crandall regarding the city’s exploration of additional private partnerships to reduce campus construction and operating costs.

“Having business partnerships can reduce operating costs, which hopefully can keep our membership fees low,” Carrier said.

“Partnering with OSU will not only benefit the health of residents, but also the financial health of the city,” Hilliard Chief Economics Officer David Meadows said.

“Furthermore, this development would mean the creation of significant, well-paying jobs in the community. The State of Ohio estimates an annual payroll of up to $4.5 million, which would result in significant tax revenue for the city,” Meadows said.

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Jill E. Washington