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GREENSBORO – The Greensboro Batting Center has offered to purchase the Monticello Community Center at Browns Summit in Guilford County.

The 6.65 acre site was a former elementary school before it was demolished several years ago, leaving a gymnasium, baseball diamond, parking lot and water tower. It is located near the intersection of Old Reidsville Road and NC 150 East.

The Greensboro Batting Center, which offers baseball and softball coaching, has offered to pay $100,000 for the property, said Eric Hilton, director of facilities, parks and building management for the county.

In a presentation to Guilford County commissioners Thursday night, Hilton said the estimated value of the property and building combined was $236,000.

The county had leased the property to the Browns Summit Youth Association for $1 a year, but the group ended the lease in 2021, saying it was no longer interested in using the property.

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Hilton said staff factored in the $125,000 to $150,000 needed to repair the building and make it handicap accessible. He also said the parks department saw no use for the land and recommended selling the property.

Commissioners, however, were concerned that the public was not properly informed that the property was for sale.

“I got a call about this,” Commissioner Katie “Kay” Cashion said, “and they wondered why the general public didn’t know this property was available for sale.”

Hilton said the county had not officially offered the property for sale when the Greensboro Batting Center approached it with the offer to purchase.

Rick Mosher, the county’s property manager, said the county is required to post on its website for 10 days that it has a property for sale. This allows time to file upset bids, he explained.

“If we accept their offer tonight, they would have five days to pay their 5% deposit,” Mosher said.

Once the county receives the money, there is a 10 day period which includes weekends but not holidays for others to bid on the property.

But Commissioner Alan Perdue said many people were unlikely to see the notice on the county’s website.

“I don’t know how many people are actually going to be browsing the Guilford County website looking for a surprise offer,” Perdue said.

Still, Cashion thought informing the public would be prudent.

“I think we should go ahead and post a sign on the property,” Cashion said. “There may be someone in the community who has been thinking about this property for another use for some time and may be surprised to know that it was sold in two or three weeks and they did not know that she was available.”

Although posting a notice on the county’s website meets legal requirements, County Attorney Andrea Leslie-Fite said, “There’s nothing stopping us from going beyond that.”

Given the upcoming Labor Day holiday, Mosher said he thinks a sign announcing the sale and bidding process could be posted at the property next week.

The commissioners unanimously agreed to accept Greensboro Batting Center’s bid and cleared the thwarted bid process.

In another action on Thursday:

• The board agreed to use $148,040 of county money to annually fund two “navigator” positions at the Guilford County Family Justice Center. A state subsidy was previously paid for the posts, which help victims of domestic and sexual violence seek help from the center. However, county documents indicate that the state’s 2022 grants to victims of crime have decreased by 66%, from $103 million to $64 million, making the grant application process very difficult. competitive. This time, Guilford County did not receive the grant.

• Council heard that Guilford County has almost exhausted its emergency funding for rentals and utilities. He’s spent $40 million and there’s about $8 million left to be spent in the coming weeks, social services director Sharon Barlow said. “We’ve been able to speed up our checkout process,” she said, “and we’ve really been able to help a lot of people.”

• The board heard that all counties in the state will receive less reimbursement for Medicaid expenses. Barlow said Guilford County will receive 3.1% less, or $1.3 million. The reduction stems from new reporting requirements from the Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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