Gounardes, residents are mobilizing for the climate law and community investment

On Sunday, March 20, New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes, the Bay Ridge Environmental Group (BREG), and community members in South Brooklyn will rally in support of the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA ). The CCIA, which Senator Gounardes co-sponsors in the New York State Senate, would create and sustain more than 150,000 new green energy jobs, and make polluters pay for the carbon they emit. Revenue from this carbon tax would be used to provide a green electricity bill rebate to the lowest-earning 60% of New Yorkers, saving millions of households thousands of dollars each year. .

CCIA includes funds to bolster South Brooklyn’s protection from storms worsened by climate change, after hundreds of South Brooklyn residents lost their homes – and some even lost their lives – during the Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

According to this map, a sea level rise of four feet would put much of the Brooklyn Navy Yard under water, as well as parts of Sunset Park’s Industry City. At this level, almost every street in Coney Island and Brighton Beach would be submerged. If the sea were to rise six feet, Coney Island and Brighton Beach would be mostly submerged. That would mean around 10,000 buildings could be underwater.

The CCIA aims to help protect parts of Brooklyn from drastic changes due to sea level rise. To show support for the bill, there will be a rally on Sunday, March 20 at noon at the American Veterans Memorial Pier from Waterfront Narrows Park to Bay Ridge.

A map of where sea level rise is encroaching on neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Jill E. Washington