Goldenrod Salon in Gainesville Delivers Style and Community Service in Honor of Pride Month

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) — To close out Pride Month, Goldenrod Parlor in Gainesville is donating 10% of all sales this week to the Unspoken Treasure Society. The organization is an Alachua County nonprofit dedicated to providing health, financial, and social services to the transgender community.

Though it’s not the only Pride-themed service project at the show this year.

“Well, we were really trying to figure out what we could do for Pride,” owner Sarah Kleeman said. Goldenrod stylists gave away dozens of gender-free haircuts for all ages for free this month because the salon is part of the Gender-Free Hair Cut Club. Kleeman said the show hopes to be gender affirming for people whose identity doesn’t fit in a box.

“I mean I get goosebumps when I think about it, it was amazing.”

The team of seven stylists are mostly cis-gender, or identify with the same gender as their birth sex, with the exception of Alf Posen who uses the pronouns he and they. Posen has been a stylist for a decade, but says Goldenrod is finally a sigh of relief.

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“I walked into this space feeling very confident and comfortable and was seen and heard without having to put in any effort,” Posen said.

The salon is a member of the Dress Code Project; the organization teaches stylists to provide services while being aware of different gender identities.

“The day before my shift, we actually had a class taught by a trans person on how to create a safer space for trans clients,” Posen said. “It’s been the most supportive space I’ve worked in because everyone has taken the time to educate themselves…to listen.”

It’s about listening and learning, keeping the Court Carnaby client in the salon. They identify as non-binary and plan to return regularly for the comfortable and supportive space the living room provides.

“I don’t want it to be necessarily too feminine or too masculine,” Carnaby said. “I can just say, ‘oh I just want it to look like that and I don’t have to do that dance. So that was awesome and in general everyone here is really talented.

Its goal is to provide a safe and elegant experience for everyone. Fundraising for Unspoken Treasure Society ends on Saturday.

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Jill E. Washington