Golden State Greens, based in San Diego, incorporates the culture of community service into its cannabis brand

SAN DIEGO, August 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At the release of August 7 BeerX Music Festival in Mission Beachthe Golden States Greens are looking to maintain their momentum when it comes to getting into the San Diego community and sharing its message with consumers to “Enjoy the experience”.

A trusted partner in the cannabis space, the Point Loma-based dispensary has community involvement rooted in its culture.

“What we want is to create an inclusive approach with our marketing and our brand,” the marketing manager said. Alex Leon. “Cannabis is for pretty much everyone, which means we always have to be mindful of education. For us, it’s a simple message to embrace people as humans and not them. treat as data points.”

Golden State Greens has been involved in the community since its inception in a variety of ways, including school supply and food drives, community cleanups, and fundraisers.

“We want the community to know that we’re a brand they can rely on, not just for cannabis, but as a company that always supports them,” Leon said. “As major players in the local cannabis industry, it’s important that others see our hearts and know that we truly care about the overall health of our community members and what they’re going through.”

The Cannabis You Can Trust brand hopes to be seen as selfless in its motivations to help others, whether it’s raising funds or raising awareness for a particular cause, as these attributes are consistent with its brand principles.

“For us, it was always about trying to improve our environment and participating in whatever we could to improve the environment and the community in a way that gives them a sense of support,” Leon said. .

Golden States Greens is hosting a late summer beach cleanup in partnership with Purpose First on August 28 which begins on the promenade, south of the Pacific Beach pier at 11 a.m.

“We come together as volunteers and encourage everyone to get out and participate in beautifying the beaches we all know and love,” Leon said. “We grew up with it and respect it so we want to take care of it.”

The Golden State Greens will pass out $25-discount vouchers which must be used that day and which will be given at the end of the walk to anyone coming to help.

“This community cleanup is something needed and we want to get people excited.”

Additionally, the beach-centric brand is hosting a food drive in November. “It’s a great honor to support the community as well as local charities dedicated to helping those in need,” Leon said. “We look forward to seeing people come to our events and participate with us to give back.”

For information on upcoming events, call (844) 420-8387 or visit the company’s website at

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