Flint Latinx Technology and Community Center Receives $615,000 Grant | News

Flint Latinx Technology and Community Center Receives $615,000 Grant

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) — A much-needed boost.

The LatinX Technology and Community Center in Flint has received a $615,000 grant that will be used to renovate and expand the second floor of the building.

The second floor is basically in a state of disrepair and needs a lot of TLC.

“It’s really going to give us the ability and capacity to expand our programs and services, expand our youth programs, and really use the second floor of our building that we’ve needed for so long,” Asa said. Zuccaro, executive director of the center.

The Center recently received $615,000 in grants, $575,000 from the CS Mott Foundation and $40,000 from the City of Flint.

Zuccaro said the possibilities for the second floor are endless.

Although nothing is set in stone, there are ongoing discussions about health care services, mental health services and also the possibility of an immigration lawyer.

The need is there, but not the space, which is why this expansion is so crucial for the future of the centre.

“We have a great classroom here. But when you have 20 students or 25 attendees, they couldn’t all fit in here, so we had to use another room there, we had to convert our tech lab all classroom days, so we were really limited to that first floor,” Zuccaro said.

Zuccaro hopes the renovations will be complete by the fall.

He also knows the state of our supply chains and some of the challenges the construction industry is facing which means renovation may be delayed.

Jill E. Washington