First trade show to be held at the Phillips Area Community Center

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PHILLIPS – On Saturday, April 2, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., the first-ever Phillips/Avon/Madrid trade show will be held at the Phillips Area Community Center (PACC) at 21 Depot Street in Phillips. Free entry. For more information, contact Winona Davenport (639-4296); Ginni Robie (639-2713); Dennis Atkinson (639-3111); or Hedy Stinchfield (639-2665).

“So You Think You Know Phillips, Avon, and Madrid” is the theme of a project organized through the combined efforts of members of the Phillips Area Community Center (PACC), the Phillips Public Library, the Phillips and Madrid Historical Societies, and the Sandy River Railroad. The aim of this very first event is to focus on the three cities and all they have to offer.

According to Winona Davenport, a key organizer of this project, “Groups look to the community to provide us with flyers, business cards and/or demonstrations of what their businesses have to offer…You must be a resident from Phillips, Avon, or Madrid to be included in this show, which will be open to the public and free of charge. Everyone – from large corporations to small home businesses to online businesses – is encouraged to attend.

Winona continues, “A lot of people are drawn to the area because of the small town atmosphere. Each city goes above and beyond to showcase their city for the many activities as well as the willingness of groups to get along – not compete – each helping one another.

The event organizers are now seeking more information and asking readers of this article to “help make it a success…Let us know who you are and what you have to offer.”

Examples: Do you sell fresh eggs, maple syrup, honey, soaps, herbal medicines, quilts, blankets or other crafts or products? Do you sell hay, straw, gravel, mulch, loam, manure or other items needed by home and land owners? Are you a painter, carpenter, maintenance man, landscaper, welder, photographer, artist? Do you pick up trash, walk or groom dogs?

Do you know places to fish, hunt, play ball or practice other sports?

Maybe you have a seasonal business like plowing, wreath making, shoveling, roof cleaning. Or do you provide hourly services such as housekeeping, personal care, errands, small errands, transportation. These are all services/activities that local residents, as well as newcomers, may seek out.

“It’s amazing,” Winona observed, “to find out that you’ve lived here for 40 years and still don’t know everything that’s available in our town.”

In the days leading up to the show, PACC members Winona Davenport and Bruce Godin created a word search game.

“It’s still early spring or late winter, whichever way you look at it,” Winona says, “You can get cabin fever, so get in on this game!”

A pack of five word search games can be obtained to complete at your leisure. To make it more interesting, you can return the forms to any of the above mentioned along with $5. Your entries will be placed in a draw for at least ten prizes, the first of which is $50 cash. The drawings will be made on the day of the show.

“It’s growing bigger and bigger every day,” exclaimed Winona excitedly, “Ten times bigger than expected!”

Save this date! Don’t miss the opportunity to find out what you may have missed.

Jill E. Washington