Fayetteville Veteran Receives Presidential Award for Years of Community Service :: WRAL.com

– Retired Sergeant. Maj. Ruby Murray, who oversees the JROTC program at South View High School, spent 26 years on active duty but says she’s been a volunteer all her life.

“Volunteer service is just something I like to do on a regular basis,” Murray said. “It was something I felt was part of my heartbeat, but more importantly, something I knew I had to do to ensure the success of my community.”

For the past 20 years, she has volunteered as a fitness instructor with 13 certifications and a bachelor’s degree in fitness. His lessons are free.

“I decided I didn’t want to accuse anyone,” she said. “I don’t know why accusing someone wasn’t something I really wanted to do.”

Murray has also volunteered countless hours at several homeless shelters in the Fayetteville area. And for the past five years, she has been part of Operation Turkey in Fayetteville during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We were able to feed over 3,200 homeless people inside and outside the Fayetteville area,” Murray said.

Because of his dedication to building a stronger community through volunteer service, Murray received the 2021 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award signed by President Joe Biden.

It’s an award she said she treasures after the volunteer work she continues to do every day.

“Community service is something I live and breathe every day,” she said.

Jill E. Washington