Community Service Day gives students the chance to give back

More than 170 new students at the University of Kansas Medical Center volunteered their time to nonprofit organizations serving the greater Kansas City area.

Students at the KU School of Medicine had the opportunity to give back at various times during the school’s orientation week from July 25-29, and students entering the KU School of Health Professions and the KU School of Nursing focused their efforts on August 18.

Community Service Day, once a tradition for students to give back to the community and start the school year, had not taken place since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This was our first year back, giving all students the opportunity to get out into the community,” said Ryan Gove, director of student life.

Student: Courtney Goetz (photo at top of page)

Registered: School of Health Professions, Physical Therapy

The organization has benefited from: Young women on the move

Volunteer activity: “We helped clean up their church after they held a six-week summer camp for middle and high school girls. Cleanup included organizing and sorting camp materials and art projects. We also helped prepare materials for workshops on healthy relationships. »

“I enjoyed giving my time to the community and meeting other young health professionals outside of my discipline. »

Student: Lily Burnham

Registered: School of nursing

The organization has benefited from: Young women on the move

Volunteer activity: “I (also) helped YWOM prepare supplies for upcoming classes. An example is how to process and understand a positive experience versus a negative experience (or one that could be either ), that’s what I’m arranging in this image.

“I also made the water bottles and glitter in the background which helps teach the lesson of new emotions. They should symbolize what your brain normally looks like – clear water – and when you are attracted to someone – shaken, glitter swirls.

“I chose this organization because I had never heard of it before volunteering, and I was drawn to their mission to teach young girls leadership and teamwork skills, how process emotions and how to have healthy relationships with others and with themselves.”

Young man holding furniture in the foreground, women in the background of the photo

Student: Christopher Libert (middle, pictured with fellow nursing students Zakirra Hike, Anaiya Singletary, Diana Riegg and Erin Fitzpatrick, left to right)

Registered: School of nursing

The organization has benefited from:

Hillcrest Transitional Housing

Volunteer activity: “We helped move items from the warehouse to set up and clean the youth community hall. We also helped paint one of the offices and clean up a recently vacated room so it’s ready for another resident.

“I have enjoyed getting to know and working alongside my fellow nursing students while doing something positive in the community. It was amazing how dedicated and caring the staff at Hillcrest was, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Students also helped these organizations in 2022:

Jill E. Washington