Community investment marks Germania’s rise

JERSEYVILLE — Since Germania Brew Haus became a staple in Alton, it has grown exponentially during the pandemic in other communities.

“Honestly, we’re really grateful and blessed, especially during COVID, and to be part of different communities,” said Ben Brynildsen, one of three owners of the Germania Brew Haus entities, the original located in Alton, and the one of which opened in Godfrey in 2020 at 5775 Godfrey Road, Suite F, Monticello Plaza.

Now, Germania Brew Hauses are set to open in Jerseyville and East Alton this summer, within a month and a half.

“We’re not only grateful to be impacting these communities, but to be a part of these different communities through outreach,” said Brynildsen, who owns the cafes with his older brother, Jared Brynildsen and his wife, Carolyn.

The Germania Brew Hauses donated drinks to schools and firefighters, among others, as well as other outreach efforts.

“One of our goals is not just to be in the community, but to be part of it,” Bryildsen said, “and to be invested in that community as much as possible.”

Jerseyville’s new location at 309 N. State St., was pushed back from a fall opening date last year, and Germania East Alton’s opening date was pushed back. Both locations involve construction, one of which in Jerseyville will include half the building for an expansion of the WOW Event Center owned by Brynildsen’s parents, Barbie and Bryan Brynildsen, who also own WOW on Broadway, both hailing from and located in Alton .

Ben Brynildsen is the youngest of five siblings, all brothers, one of whom, Daniel Brynildsen, with his wife, Erica, owns Riverbend Ax Throwing, located at East Alton’s Eastgate Plaza, where Germania is opening a location at 351 East Gateway Drive, a brand new construction at the strip mall, owned by Todd Kennedy, of East Alton; his father, Paul Crause, of Alton; and a silent partner.

Brynildsen said the Jerseyville Germania Brew Haus will be very similar to the Alton location in that it has indoor seating.

“It will be really good, a little bit bigger overall from us compared to what we use at Alton,” Brynildsen said.

“Jerseyville will actually have a fully dedicated drive-thru, whereas Alton is a drive-in service,” Ben Brynildsen said.

WOW Event Center will expand to the second part of the Jerseyville building in which Germania Brew Haus is opening.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Brynildsen said. “Essentially we see all of this encouraging momentum continuing, particularly at Eastgate, which will be just a drive-thru with a walk-in window, no seating in the lobby.”

The new Eastgate Germania Brew Haus will expand its practices with face-to-face ordering protocols instead of an intercom system used at the Godfrey site.

“For East Alton, we’re trying something different that we’re really excited about,” Brynildsen said. “We will have two windows to order face-to-face with customers, compared to an intercom system, which you can have great interaction with if done right, but face-to-face is optimal and most preferred. because of the dynamics of interactivity.

Both new locations will feature Germania Brew Haus’ streamlined menu, which will emphasize European and Germanic influences and focus on specialty coffee and espresso beverages. Germania will, however, expand its homemade syrups for specialty coffee drinks by doing a lot more with its upcoming March menu.

Additionally, Germania’s in-house chef has created up to four baking menu items, including strudels, overnight oatmeal and soon-to-be-launched to-go waffles, which are waffles. by hand that can be eaten “on the go”.

“She’s amazing,” Brynildsen said. “Her items are fascinating, with cream cheese strawberry jam for strudel bites. Currently we have a strudel filled with Nutella and hazelnuts, which is seasonal. She’s working on a raspberry-filled strudel for spring.

For more information, visit the Germania Brew Haus Facebook page.

Jill E. Washington