Community center modernized in 2021 | Local news

With the Community Center reaching 20 years of use, the City invested in improvements to the facility in 2021.

Community Services staff proposed improvements to improve the community center with $ 550,000 set aside in the capital budget to begin a longer term vision for the facility.

A summary of the plan by staff indicated that the efficiency and ease of use of the facility had changed over the past 20 years, and changes required modifications to remain relevant to all users.

Staff are considering a phased project that began in 2021 addressing aesthetic issues inside the building. The exterior of the facility was painted in 2020 and no additional attention is needed immediately.

Improvements inside the facility included interior painting, modernizing furniture and fixtures, and renovating the bathroom. New carpets and tiles have also been installed.

Improvements were also made to the audiovisual components of the community center, updating significantly outdated equipment.

The work envisaged for further phasing should be the subject of further consideration and discussion by the Board. This includes a proposal to enclose the lounge in the lobby of the building and a possible addition to the building for fitness and health maintenance activities.

Community Services Director Rachael Goodwin said staff believe the lounge space can be better used as a meeting space and / or dedicated tech space. Improvements made in the fall included setting up ‘knot’ spaces in the lobby for people to meet and relax with friends or work groups.

A proposed addition to the building with a dedicated fitness area is considered a long-term goal, which may take several years for planning and construction.

Jill E. Washington