Claudio Ingaramo: Cenovus is committed to operational safety and community investment in Lima

We appreciate our connection to the Lima community and wish to correct some inaccuracies in recent media and social media regarding our business and staffing plans for our maintenance overhaul this fall at what is now the Cenovus Lima Refinery.

Cenovus is a Canadian integrated energy company committed to developing and processing oil and gas resources in a safe and responsible manner. Following Cenovus’ combination earlier this year with Husky Energy, the Lima refinery has become a core Cenovus asset and an important part of our long-term integrated energy strategy. The refinery has been operating in Lima for 135 years and we respect the generations of families who have supported us throughout this wonderful history. We are proud to be a leading regional employer, employing 450 people, approximately half of whom are unionized. And, with our employees, we make $600,000 in community investments annually.

Concerns have been raised about the contracts awarded for our fall review, so I would like to put some important facts on the record:

The turnaround contracts were awarded last year, prior to the merger of Cenovus and Husky, and following a competitive process. This work is specialized and is usually done largely by people from outside the region, regardless of who is awarded the contract.

Cenovus and the Lima Refinery have a productive relationship with the workforce represented by the unions, including our permanent operations and maintenance workforce and our integrated refinery maintenance contractor, which uses workers represented by the construction trades of Lima. The rebuilding of our Upper Refinery in Wisconsin is also done primarily with construction trades contractors.

Our region has about 3,000 craftsmen in total, but only a fraction of these people are qualified to carry out refinery turnaround work. Many of these craftsmen work for our maintenance contractor in the refinery every day, helping us maintain safe and reliable operations, and they will continue to carry out other regular repair and maintenance work on half of the refinery. not closed for straightening.

We understand that the local trades are disappointed not to have been awarded this particular contract, but as I said, they will continue to work throughout the fall. We have met with their leaders monthly and offered support to improve their chances of success in future tenders, and we look forward to continuing a constructive relationship.

Above all, we want you to know that Cenovus is committed to being a responsible, long-term owner, operator, employer and member of the Lima community. This includes our partnership with United Way of Greater Lima, where we are already the largest contributor, and the continuation of our other community and nonprofit investments. We hope this gives you a better idea of ​​who we are.

Claudio Ingaramo joined the Lima Refinery team in 2013 and has served as Vice President, US Refining and General Manager of Lima Refinery since November 2018. His opinion does not necessarily represent the views of The Lima News or its owner, AIM Media.

Jill E. Washington