Derrick Adams joins BOPA as guest curator for the Artscape 2023 exhibition

BALTIMORE, October 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts (BOPA) announce the details of Artistic Landscape 2023. CEO of BOPA Donna Drew Sawyer reveals plans for Artscape 2023, including new details on the festival’s return. “We are so excited to show the Baltimore City our plans,” Sawyer said. “BOPA aims to continue Artscape’s tradition of using the wealth of creative talent to showcase our diversity, boldness and innovation, and to have a positive economic impact for Baltimore artists and communities while adding lasting beauty to our public spaces.”

Artscape 2023 will take place September 20–24, 2023. The festival will begin on the 20th with a gala evening that will culminate in four full days of interactive, educational, inspiring and multi-generational artistic experiences. Artscape also expands to include the Station North arts and entertainment district. However, the familiar elements of Artscape that our city knows and loves will remain in the historic footprint of Bolton Hill and Mount Vernon.

Baltimore is known for hosting some of the most entertaining and flawlessly executed festivals in the country and Artscape is no exception,” added Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “We are thrilled to have this event returning and we know it will be a great opportunity for performers and attendees to truly see the best that Baltimore has to offer.”

BOPA seeks to galvanize economic development through the arts by stimulating tourism, investing in permanent artistic projects and fostering a greater sense of community. BOPA hopes to make substantial capital investments in the footprint, including murals, beautification of vacant lots, community art, improved lighting and traffic calming measures. These efforts will take place throughout the year – not just during the festival – and will remain for the benefit of all thereafter.

The goal is to unite the city and encourage local restaurants, cultural institutions, retailers and the wider community to integrate their programming opportunities during Artscape Week. And by moving the festival to September, there is an opportunity to engage with students of all ages in a meaningful and impactful way.

“BOPA offered a thoughtful, inspiring and inclusive vision for the future of Artscape,” says state senator MD Antonio Hayes. “By redeveloping Artscape to support from Baltimore creative community, BOPA has crafted the kind of disruptive and progressive programming that drives growth and transforms communities. Not only will it create a viable economic pipeline for creatives, but it’s also the kind of festival that Baltimore City deserved.”

An exciting new element of Artscape is the Art Exhibition Pavilion which will feature leading contemporary visual artists from around the world, including Baltimorebased artists. Derrick Adams, Baltimore born artist and entrepreneur, is the guest curator of the Art Exhibition Pavilion. In addition to his prolific work as an artist practitioner, Adams is the founder of The Last Resort Artist Retreat in vaguely. The works in the showroom will be available for viewing and purchase.

Other Artscape programs include artist talkbacks, immersive experiences for families and youth, live musical performances on the main stage, an artist market and more. Additionally, WJZ-TV has signed on to be Artscape’s official media partner. BOPA also works closely with Central Baltimore Partnership, Station North Arts & Entertainment District, MICA, University of BaltimoreMidtown Community Benefits District, Charles Street Development Corporation, Greenmount West Community Association, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, The Lyric, Motor House, SNF Parkway Theater and many other local independent artists and arts organizations to produce a show that is inclusive, transformative, and uplifting event for all Baltimore.

BOPA is also releasing an Artscape promotional trailer titled “What Is Art”, written and directed by Clark Vandergrift and produced by Adrienne Hammel. It features the Broadway legend and Baltimore native of André De Shields, who is currently playing in “Death of Salesman” on Broadway. De Shields delivers a moving narrative that defines art while showcasing the next class of great creatives in Baltimore. The cast also features local artists and creatives, including the singer Eze Jacksonmuralist Jaz Erenbergcollage artist Bria Sterling Wilsondesigner Akio Evansmixologist Kim Voinfluencer Chyno/The Boy with the Blue Beard (aka Baltimore Foodie) influencer “Bowtie Bob” Nelson, choreographer Brinae Ali, trumpeter Brandon Woodyand artist Derrick Adams.

To learn more about Artscape’s 2023 vision, please visit Also be sure to follow BOPA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@promoandarts) for the latest information on Artscape 2023. If you are interested in sponsoring Artscape programming, contact BOPA’s Director of Development Manager Stacy at [email protected].

About Artscape

Artscape is LARGEST FREE IN AMERICA arts festival, vibrating the cultural heart of Baltimore since 1982. It was designed as an arts fair and marketed Baltimore as a cultural hub. The newly developed Meyerhoff Symphony Hall was underway, and to attract community support and stimulate economic development and investment in the area, Artscape was born.

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports arts and culture for the benefit of all Baltimore residents. We connect creatives to the resources they need to thrive, promote the city as a national destination for creativity and culture, and produce cultural events in partnership with the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland . We are an independent organization serving as the city’s arts council and film office.

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